Kevin Bacon's 'Footloose' Tribute for a Cause

Let's dance!

Thirty years after Kevin Bacon said that famous line in the teen classic Footloose, the now 56-year-old actor busted out some of his moves from the film once again for a good cause. Bacon tapped and moved his foot just like his character Ren did while teaching the late Chris Penn's Willard how to dance, during a montage set to the song "Let's Hear It for the Boy" in the movie.

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Bacon did the dance as he accepted the #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge, aimed at raising awareness of Ebola and donations for Emergency USA, an organization that runs a hospital offering free healthcare in Sierra Leone. The movement was started by a coalition of West African artists in L.A. and, much like this summer's popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, calls for the challenged person to keep the movement going by challenging someone else. Bacon chose Sam Underwood, one of his co-star's in the crime drama The Following.

This isn't the first time Bacon has slipped back into his dancing shoes. In March, he recreated his most iconic routine, the one he performs while working out his frustrations in the barn to "Never," while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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However, the Crazy, Stupid, Love actor recalled in a February interview with the New York Post that it was the scene with Penn that stuck with audiences. (Penn, the brother of actor Sean Penn, died of heart disease at age 40 in 2006.)

"From a dance standpoint, the best scene in the movie is me teaching Chris Penn to dance," Bacon told the newspaper. "There's an innocence that's captured there, of just this guy trying to teach this other guy a couple of moves, and I think that's why the movie was popular — more so than any kind of stand-alone dance or gymnastic moves."

Check out this retro Bacon interview filmed just before Footloose was released.