Katy Perry Unveils Hello Kitty Tattoo

·Claudine Zap

Katy Perry just got catty — in a good way.

The pop star showed off her new Hello Kitty tattoo inked on her middle finger in a pic she posted to Instagram on Thursday.

Say Hello to Katy Perry's new Hello Kitty Tattoo (Instagram)
Say Hello to Katy Perry's new Hello Kitty Tattoo (Instagram)

"Does this make my gang signs look soft now?" she captioned the photo of her extended finger featuring the signature pink bow and mouthless face of the Sanrio character.

Perhaps the chart topper, who just celebrated her 30th birthday on Oct. 25, decided to give herself a fun present to mark the milestone. It's certainly the cutest tattoo we've ever seen!

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The "Roar" singer unveiled her new piece of body art just as Hello Kitty Con was getting underway in Los Angeles, drawing a sold-out crowd of some 25,000 fans to Little Tokyo throughout the weekend to celebrate the iconic cartoon character's 40th year.

Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty Dress (Getty Images)
Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty Dress (Getty Images)

Perry isn't the only celebrity fan of Hello Kitty. Lady Gaga also has an affinity for the Japanese creation. The "Bad Romance" singer channeled Kitty in a wild photo shoot for her limited edition album cover for The Fame back in 2009 for the character's 35th anniversary. In one shot, Gaga wore a dress made up entirely of Hello Kitty plush toys.

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And in April, rocker Avril Lavigne launched a bizarre video of her song "Hello Kitty," as she danced about with pink streaked hair in a candy store and a sushi bar.

But Katy's tiny tat tribute to Hello Kitty seems purr-fect by comparison as it will last forever. Meow!

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