Imagine Dragons Establish Cancer Foundation for Fan

"Our friend Tyler Robinson, who had been fighting cancer for a few years, passed away unexpectedly while we were editing the video," Imagine Dragons said in a statement about their latest video, "Demons". On Wednesday night during Imagine Dragons' Yahoo! On The Road tour date in St. Louis, Missouri, Reynolds gave a shout out to their friend Tyler, just a day after what would've been Tyler's 18th birthday.

The band dedicated their performance of "Demons" to the fan, who passed in March, and encouraged the audience at The Pageant and watching online to donate to their newly established cancer foundation, or any other cause to help find a cure. Formed just last month, Imagine Dragons and the family of the Salt Lake City teen created the Tyler Robinson Foundation to help support the families with children battling cancer.

"He was only 17-years-old and his courage was an inspiration to all of us," the band said. "Forming the Tyler Robinson Foundation with his family was a way for us to honor his legacy by doing something positive - donations to the Foundation will help families who are unable to afford cancer care for their children."

Watch Imagine Dragons perform "Demons" for Yahoo! On the Road:

The "Demons" official music video was shot in Imagine Dragons' hometown of Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino during a performance at The Joint. Several people in the audience are zoomed into, shedding light on their own struggles, like the passing of parents, domestic abuse, body issues, and the torment of war. The video is quite moving in it's simplicity, showing how it's such a fundamental part of the human condition to have those insecurities and moments of darkness that are oft suppressed and hidden behind a strong face.

The band included a clip from the 2011 show where they possibly first met Tyler Robinson. The music video concludes with footage captured by Tyler's brother during the show where the band dedicated Tyler's favorite song "It's Time" to the teen. Reynolds had Tyler sing into the mic and embraced him during the song, with the audience chanting Tyler's name afterwards.

The entire video of the 2011 performance can be seen here. Once you know Tyler's incredible story and heroic struggles, the shaky, blurry video of the fan smiling and singing along, with his brother cheering him on, is the most moving footage of all.


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