Gossip’s Beth Ditto Talks Hawaiian Dream Wedding

On Sunday, May 26, Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto played her "last show as an unmarried woman," at Yahoo! On the Road's Seattle tour stop. On June 1, Beth will wed her longtime girlfriend (and even longer-time friend) Kristin Ogata in Hawaii.

"We found this really beautiful place that used to be a sugar plantation that was owned by the workers. It's on Maui. It's going to be super-traditional, but untraditional in the way that it's going to be done by a Hawaiian priestess. Isn’t that awesome? She'll be overseeing it, calling the ancestors," Beth told Yahoo! Music. "It's going to be really spiritual and cool, and like, lesbian and really female-centric. And awesome."

Speaking backstage at Seattle's Moore Theatre before Gossip's Yahoo! On the Road gig, Beth talked about her long history with Kristin. "I met her when I was 18. She knew me as a kid, fresh from Arkansas, young and dumb and awesome. We've been best friends for years. We had an agreement that when I was 32 and she was 34, we would get married. We got together three years ago, and a year ago she was like, 'Let's get married!'"

The incredibly animated and extroverted (and, to use one of her favorite words, awesome) Beth revealed that she and Kristin are total opposites, personality-wise. "She's a Virgo, I'm a Pisces. She's very relaxed, very chill. [You know how Virgos] are as grounded as can be, but then their neurosis is like on fire, and the thing that they're on fire about they're kind of quiet about and stewing about until the last minute, and then the people they're closest to they kind of lose it with? But I'm really good at caretaking the situation in the moment. We're yin and yang — I can't explain it."

Beth's entire huge Southern family is attending Beth and Kristin's Maui wedding on the 1st, and while some might assume that Beth's relatives would disapprove of the same-sex nuptials, she assured Yahoo! that they are incredibly supportive. "My whole family is coming. They're awesome. When you think of really awesome families, like the best that they come and they try as hard as they can, my family is definitely on that list. They're so funny and cool. Sometimes I'm like, 'I don't know what I did right!'"

So, besides the Hawaiian priestess, are there any other unique plans for Beth and Kristin's wedding this weekend? "Everyone has to wear white. Everyone. It'll look like a cult. It's gonna be awesome!"

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