Kate and Will’s One-Year Anniversary Sparks Souvenir Craze

And you thought you'd seen all the commemorative plates, mugs and figurines your brain could process when Kate and Will wed last April. As their one-year anniversary approaches, a slew of new souvenirs marking the newlyweds' first 365 days as husband and wife are flooding the Internet. Do royal fans really need another set of Kate and Will playing cards or Middleton paper dolls? And do they have enough room in their pantries for yet another royal wedding mug? For better or worse, some do.

The company Me, Myself & Te made these limited edition Origami cake toppers just in time for Will and Kate's one-year anniversary. Available on Etsy for $58.

Before you go crazy and buy a knock-off blue sapphire engagement ring, consider this $18 anniversary edition gem featuring the royal couple on their wedding day and, for some reason, the word "Canada."

For royal fans in so deep they need the support of friends and loved ones gathered round on April 29, there are these totally normal royal wedding anniversary party invitations, $2.25 each.

So what do you do at a royal anniversary party? You could watch a movie. Buzzfeed's Shift spotted this anniversary edition documentary charting the married couple's past year. Suggestion: a few Pimms cups (a gin-based drink popular in Britain) might help move the party along. $14.

Souvenir playing cards? Solitaire feels less lonely when you're looking at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. $14.50.

Last April 29, it was fine to drink your morning coffee from of a commemorative royal teacup, but it's 2012, people, and if you're caught sipping yesterday's news, your collector cred is in serious jeopardy. The good news: this anniversary mug can be shipped in time for the big day. $19.

The $100 Will and Kate Anniversary Barbies sold out faster than a speeding chariot, so eBay dealers doubled their prices. Who would pay $200 for a set of dolls? Serious collectors.

Don't leave your iPhone out! It has tirelessly displayed photos of Will and Kate for you over the past 12 months. Thank it with this celebratory case. $45.

To humans, this is a royal anniversary logo emblazoned on a pet T-shirt. To dogs, it's an annoying piece of fabric worn in exchange for a treat. Mystery solved: dogs are smarter than their masters. $24.40.

By Piper Weiss