The Maccabeats Go Cruz-ing In Chanukah Classic

The holiday songbook positively brims with not only classic Christmas singalongs, but newfangled Xmas hits by everyone from Wham! and Hall & Oates to Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey. But sadly for Jews at this supposedly most wonderful time of the year, Chanukah revelers have been stuck with a mere meager handful of celebratory pop songs: Adam Sandler's novelty tune (and Neil Diamond's superior cover), that potty-mouthed "South Park" song, and a cover of "The Dreidel Song" by Sacha Baron Cohen's brother. Yep, that was about it. Oy vey.

Until now, that is. Enter the Maccabeats, a Jewish collegiate a cappella group from Yeshiva University, who've recorded a new Chanukah hit for the modern age: a seasonal spoof of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" titled "Candlelight."

Throw your latkes in the air and blast this one for the next eight crazy nights!

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