“We’re Not Young” Parody Video Feels the Love

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Some say that life begins at 30. But the stars of "We're Not Young" aren't exactly living the good life. Both sad and funny, the parody video from Yahoo!'s SketchY comedy series, features a 30-something guy spoofing the hit song "We Are Young," by Fun.

The tune has stayed stubbornly at number one on Billboard's hot 100, which made it a prime target for the "viral video treatment," as the Hollywood Reporter put it.

The spoof has certainly caught on: The clip has already been viewed over 600,000 times and received about 40,000 "likes" on Facebook, and counting.

Poking fun at folks in their 30s who are either unmarried (not by choice), underemployed, or gaining weight, the song features lyrics like "Now I know that I'm fat, shut up about that. I guess I'll do elliptical, maybe I can finally do that yoga class. But I'll probably watch HD-TV, gonna stay at home and watch 'Modern Family.'"

Despite mercilessly laying into the 30-something lifestyle, the video has garnered positive comments from the people it lampoons. MelissaM writes, "Oh my god, this is me. Depressing and hilarious." Another commenter to Yahoo! Screen writes, "Truth hurts along with my knees." A fan writes,"So true, it's scary! Very funny." Another wonders, "Should I laugh or cry?"

Why not do both? Check out the buzzy clip for yourself below. Whether you're in your 30s, 50s, or 70s, odds are you'll find something to relate to. The song isn't uplifting, but the lyrics are universal. Sheesh, that's depressing.

The creators came up with the idea on a dinner out, commiserating about their own life bummers. Explains co-creator Nate Smith: "I'm 33. I'm on the verge of getting married. I am back and forth between NYC and LA- not entirely sure where and when I'm going to settle. I am facing regular rejection with auditions and show pitches. I spend a lot of my time just scared and dealing with the fear. Oh--- did I just accidentally mistake this email for a page in my journal?"

But the filming — and the Web reaction — has offset the angst. Adds co-creator Nick Ross: "The reaction of the video has been incredible…. We wanted [it] to be relatable and sad. While we were shooting, we would direct everyone with degrees of sadness. 'Alright, now go to your level 8 sad and depressed... Great!' It startled me how many times people on the crew would crack up at the actors looking sad and forlorn into the camera. It gave us hope for the vid."

Recognize that hot, sad waitress? It's Nikki Boyer, host of Yahoo!'s Daytime in No Time (http://tv.yahoo.com/daytime).