Never-Before-Seen Van Halen! ‘You Really Got Me’ Acoustic

We're barely into January, and already 2012 is a momentous year for fans of classic rockers/Hall of Famers Van Halen. Not only did the band announce a reunion tour, the guys also confirmed they're in the studio working on their first new album with iconic original frontman David Lee Roth in nearly 30 years.

Now, here's a cherry on the sundae for all the VH fans out there: A never-before-seen video of all four members of the band performing an acoustic version of their hit "You Really Got Me."

This tune, of course, is the band's well-loved cover of the Kinks classic, which VH adopted for their 1978 self-titled debut. It's been more than three decades since the original came out--but this is the first time VH has filmed an acoustic version of it.

The video is shot at Henson Recording Studios and includes a personal introduction from Roth, as well.

Roth nutshelled his opinion of the new clip for us: "Culturally our new video is old school meets new school. Kind of like watching Dragnet on your iPad."

Got that? But don't take Dave's word for for yourselves!

You can see this exclusive piece of music history first, here at Yahoo! Music!

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