Beyoncé Gives Props To 16-Year-Old’s Shot-By-Shot “Countdown” Cover Video Starring–A Snuggie!

File this under: AMAZING. 16-year-old Pennsylvanian Ton Do-Nguyen shot, edited and starred in a mind-bogglingly accurate remake of Beyoncé's "Countdown" video, throwing in his own LOL-worthy touch--a Snuggie! Working that Snuggie like Sasha at her Fiercest, Nguyen recreated the video's dance moves, color washes and moving frames, right down to the singer's facial expressions and of course, baby bump! But best of all, Beyoncé gave a shoutout to Nguyen, posting the video on her personal Tumblr and wrote, "Brilliant. I Think he did this video better than I did :)."

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The Beyoncé super fan worked on the video for months, scrapping his first attempt and doing a (comparatively unremarkable) "Love On Top" cover video in the interim. What's surprising is that the teenager is for the most part self-taught in video editing and simply does it for fun. Considering that Beyoncé likely worked with a huge budget and top professionals while Nguyen did it all himself with some friends, the differences between the videos are, well, negligible.

The Snuggie, besides being so hilariously necessary, actually served a purpose: Nguyen used the blue Snuggie as a blue screen, allowing him to edit in the flashing color changes.

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With his video quickly approaching one million hits on YouTube, how did this burgeoning video director react to Beyoncé's shoutout? Floored, what else? "The very moment of seeing my face on Beyonce's website had to be the best moment of my life," Nguyen gushed to Gothamist. "I can't even find words to describe how I felt. Knowing that my number one idol, the Queen B, had merely seen my video was enough to send me over the moon."

Someone hire this kid already!

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