Two-year-old sings Adele’s “Someone Like You”

Two-year-old Canadian cutie pie, Makena, sings Adele's heartbreaking track, "Someone Like You," while sitting on her kitchen counter top and makes us smile one note at a time.

Video: 2yr old Makena sings Adele

Posted on YouTube by Makena's mother, Heather Fedorick, the clip has reached viral status by achieving more than 1.5 million views in just two weeks.

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The video has spread like wildfire on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and is leaving a trail of happiness everywhere it is shared.

The reason Makena is so popular lies within her delivery and adorable facial expressions that accompany Adele's award-winning track. It's unlikely that she understands what she is singing about, but it's heart-warming to watch her try.

Viewers are enjoying the video and expressing their kudos by leaving comments like, "Best part? Around 1:10 when she starts rock star-ing the performance. All she was missing in the moment was a little fist in the air," and "That was honestly, the most adorable thing I've ever heard."

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Viewers are also seemingly protective of the little girl whom they don't even know. They defend Makena in response to the more than 200 dislikes that were shared on the video, writing, "How can you dislike it? Are there still heartless people out there?" and "This kid is so cute! You should be proud. She is so good. Cleary people missed the like button. How can't you like this?"

With her innocent lisp, oversized pink necklace and angelic blond hair, Makena is undeniably adorable and we are happy to have found someone like her.

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