Peter Johngren fights cancer with a little help and hope from Justin Bieber

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Peter Johngren is 71 years old and an avid fan of Justin Bieber.

He collects anything associated with the young pop star like clothing, albums, magazines, the documentary "Never Say Never," concert ticket stubs and even joined Twitter to keep up with Bieber's daily escapades.

However, unlike others who partake in the fandom because they like Bieber's music (or cute looks), Johngren looks to the Biebs as a gateway of hope that helps him during his battle with cancer.

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According to Postmedia News, the grandfather, who has been dubbed "Senior Biebs," first saw the Canadian boy wonder on YouTube during one of his chemotherapy treatments in 2009 and was "instantly captured" while watching him perform for President Barack Obama.

"(Justin is) so full of life that it somehow counters my thoughts of death," Johngren, who currently walks with two canes and frequently visits the hospital, says in the article. "While I may have one foot out the door, Justin has just entered the room and it's a reminder of how exciting and precious life is."

Johngren, a retired medical doctor, is battling advanced prostate cancer and as the article points out, could be the oldest Bieber fan in the world. His participation in the fandom for the teen sensation has helped him deal his illness and even his family can see the change that occurs in him when talks about the Stratford-raised 18-year-old.

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"Sometimes it's like, 'Oh my God, there goes dad talking about Justin Bieber again!'" Emily Ward, Johngren's 44-year-old daughter, said. "But you can really tell how positive an influence (the singer) has had on my dad, just brightening his spirits."

And, it's not just Johngren's spirits that appear to have been brightened when he became a Belieber.

As the article states, other family members have taken to showing their Bieber appreciation and the good that it has done Johngren. For instance, his son-in-law once wore a t-shirt featuring the Canadian heartthrob under his dress shirt and tie to Easter dinner.

"I find a lot of news in general to be quite depressing," says Johngren, who also notes that his interest in the "Boyfriend" singer is deeply rooted in nostalgia and the reminder of what a world full of possibility looks like. "(Bieber) helps me see how great life is, and restores my faith in humanity."

Check out Bieber performing "Someday at Christmas" for President Obama in 2009 featured below.

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