MuchMusic Video Awards 2012: VJ Lauren Toyota Talks Award Show Secrets

It's safe to say that this year's MMVAs are going to be a party rocking good time. Mainly because party rockers LMFAO will co-host the event and MuchMusic VJ Lauren Toyota has big expectations about what the funky twosome will bring to Toronto's biggest block party.

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"I think that it's going to be crazy and really over the top only because in the past our celebrity hosts, which were all really great, all came from the Disney family like Miley [Cyrus,] Selena [Gomez,] and the Jonas Brothers," Toyota told Yahoo! Canada Music earlier this week.

Adding, "We're in a different ball game now having LMFAO as our celebrity co-host this year, they're from another world. They are going to party rock the streets and blow this place up and probably come out naked and it's going to be awesome."

Even though there will be plenty of partying to be had at the show this Sunday, at 8 p.m. we get to see the red carpet entrances that promise to be as crazy and wild as ever.

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"Marianas Trench go all out every year and when we were speaking to [lead singer] Josh Ramsay, he wanted to come in on a hot air balloon, which I think is illegal because it's too big for the street, so we scrapped that idea," Toyota said. "We've made it difficult for them but you know that they are going to come out and make it big."

In addition to the difficulties that an act may encounter while trying to figure out the perfect entrance for the MMVAs, there is also the added complications that come along with participating in an outdoor event.

"I imagine that a lot of the logistical stuff, especially with the performances, is still being worked through, especially with LMFAO and Katy [Perry,]" Toyota said.

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"I remember last year with Lady Gaga, they were building the fire escape part of her stage the morning of the show. I know that her team, the Haus of Gaga, wanted to make some aesthetic changes, so it's pretty amazing how we pull this together because a lot of the international artists don't come in until Friday or Saturday."

The MuchMusic crew certainly puts in a lot of hours into putting the show together. Here are some statistics:

- 14,000: Total hours put in by all MuchMusic staff to make the MMVAs happen

- 7,650: Total hours for set-up

- 2,000: Total hours for tear-down

- 6,300: Total feet of barricades used to hold back thousands of screaming fans

- 730: Number of people it takes to put on the MMVAs each year

- 850,000 lbs: Pounds of steel and gear in the stages

- 265,000: Watts of audio to capture every note and scream

- 178: Total number of light fixtures on the red carpet

40: Hours spent on soundcheck

23: Total number of High Definition cameras to catch all the action for the audience at home

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As well as being excited to see what performers like Katy Perry and LMFAO will do once they take the stage, Toyota also speculated about a few interesting collaborations that could take place when 'Call Me Maybe' singer Carly Rae Jepsen performs.

"Justin Bieber could join Carly on stage, this is what I am hoping for," the VJ said. "I have no idea [for sure,] but it would only make sense that with Bieber and Carly Rae there together this year, when Carly's really debuting herself on our stage, that he goes up there and helps her out in some way. Also, I know for a fact that LMFAO loves 'Call Me Maybe' and I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow get in on that action as well."

Tune in on Sunday June 17 when the MMVAs take over downtown Toronto and don't forget to keep voting for the UR Fave categories here.

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