Maestro surprises fan during wedding reception

Sometimes being a super fan does pay off.

We all have that one song that picks us up when we're down, makes us dance like no one is watching and brings a smile to our face no matter how many times we hear it.

For Frank Ieraci, 33, Canadian rapper Maestro's track, "Let Your Backbone Slide," is all these things and more.

This past weekend, one of Ieraci's biggest dreams came true when he got the chance to perform with and meet Maestro during his best friend's wedding. It was an event that was orchestrated by his wife, Shannon, in company with a few of their closest friends.

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"My best friend had to choose between me and two of our other friends for the spot as his best man," Ieraci told Yahoo! Canada Music. "According to him, this was a very hard decision and since it was not me that he chose, he felt bad and wanted to be able to surprise me with something."

The surprise was captured on film and is amazing to watch.

Ieraci, a Toronto portfolio manager for the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, has been listening to Maestro since he was a child and has fond memories of how the song became the continuous thread that has woven his life together.

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"I was always singing and rapping to various hip-hop songs and part of that was the dancing element. So, I would always breakdance and 'Let Your Backbone Slide' was always the song that got me the most pumped up," he said.

The University of Toronto graduate has performed the track for nine different weddings, the first one being his own five years ago, and always turns to the up tempo tune to get the crowd going.

"After the first time I did it at my own wedding, friends would come up to me and say, 'Can you please do that again at my wedding?' and it hasn't been something that I've charged for or done as a side job. It's always been friends asking me to do it and I've always been happy to."

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After the performance, Maestro joined Ieraci for breakfast and spoke with him about life, his career and answered any questions he had about his creative process and the meaning behind his music.

"He was such a gentleman and he gave us a lot of his time," Ieraci recalled. "As a Canadian, to see another Canadian be successful in [the hip-hop genre] has always been an inspiration for me. I have nothing but respect for Maestro, everything that he has done professionally and who he is as an individual. Sometimes, people are disappointed when they meet someone who has been an inspiration or some type of idol to them and Maestro was more than I ever expected."

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According to Ieraci, Maestro has kept in touch with him and his wife since the event through emails and Twitter and is happy that his music has brought so much joy to the self-proclaimed "wannabe rapper."

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