David Correy hopes to find birth mother on “The X Factor” audition by singing Bruno Mars song

Performing Bruno Mars' single "Just The Way You Are," David Correy blew the judges away on last night's episode of "The X Factor" and given his track record of overcoming obstacles, proved that if you want something enough, you will stop at nothing to achieve it.

(skip to 1:40 to see the performance)

After traveling for 13 hours through the night and battling two thunderstorms, Correy waited for his audition opportunity, saying, "I can feel my heart coming out of my chest. I'm nervous but I'm more anxious [and] just ready to make [judges] Simon [Cowell,] Demi [Lovato,] L.A. [Reid,] and Britney [Spears] and that whole crowd and the world see this."

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However, showing the world what he can do was only the part of the reasoning behind his choice to audition for "The X Factor" because as it turns out, Correy was also looking for a way to find his biological mother.

"I'm adopted from Recife, Brazil," he said. "My birth mother, she gave me up for adoption, she was only 14-years-old when she had me. If I win 'The X Factor,' I pray that it reconnects me with my birth mother."

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He also said, "I've got a great family, they adopted me when I was around one or two-years-old [and] I love [them] to death but it's the curiosity of wanting to know where I came from, if she sings and what she looks like. I feel like the not knowing is why I sing with so much soul [and] every time I'm on stage I go on there knowing that I have the opportunity to reconnect with her through what God gave me and that's my voice."

According to his website, before his "X Factor" audition, the Annapolis, Maryland-raised singer earned a four year scholarship to the Berklee College of Music but had to drop out in his sophomore year after he lost his voice due to an illness.

After regaining his vocal ability, he began to attempt a career in music again, but was injured in an almost fatal car accident, suffering both a fractured hip and a broken leg.

Needless to say, it seems that when the 26-year-old gets knocked down, he gets right back up and continues to try to reach for his dreams.

"I think you were great," Spears said critiquing Correy's audition. "You have the most amazing stage presence and it was amazing."

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"There's something really, really charming about you, but what I'm most impressed by is when you sing [in] your upper register, it's so powerful," Reid later added. "I mean, you can really sing and I think that you're going to go far."

Just before he received his fourth "Yes" vote from Cowell, sending him to the next round of the competition, Correy broke down into tears and said, "I've waited for this opportunity my whole life and I feel like there's always going to be somebody out there to tell you that you can't do what you love but don't listen. Love and do what you love to do."

Exiting the stage, the singer looked overjoyed with the judge's verdict and it looks like we will be seeing him again during the rest of the show's season.

To hear more of Correy's music, head here.

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