Will Forte's 'Last Man on Earth' Beard Leaves Him Almost Unrecognizable

Will Forte looks almost unrecognizable with his beard for Fox's Last Man on Earth
Will Forte looks almost unrecognizable with his beard for Fox's Last Man on Earth

What would you do if you were the last man on earth? In Will Forte's case, a full-blown mountain man beard is involved.

The Saturday Night Live alum appeared at the Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press tour for Fox's Behind the Laughs comedy producer panel sporting some serious facial hair to promote his new midseason comedy The Last Man on Earth, in which he does, in fact, play the last man on earth.

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While we don't know much more about the show beyond the trailer they've released — which is all they've actually shot so far — Forte did confirm that he's growing the beard for the show, though he quickly added: "It's not a great look, so I'm hoping it's a relatively short beard existence."

After Forte requested that critics "respect the secrets" of the show, someone asked if the show's title means there might be women or children left on earth: "I am the last man on earth," Forte said, leaving it at that.

So back to the beard... the show's first trailer, which was released in May, showed Forte in underwear and a hoodie, with a nice bit of scruff, but his current beard is much more Joaquin Phoenix/Duck Dynasty, leaving him almost unrecognizable.

Critics couldn't quite get past the formidable facial hair, but neither could Forte's fellow panelists. Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Mike Schur joked that Forte's beard would be guest starring on their show this season.

Watch the Last Man on Earth trailer and ponder the question: What would you look like if there was literally no one else around to see you?

The Last Man on Earth premieres in 2015 on Fox.