'Wheel of Fortune' Slammed for Ill-Timed Paul Walker Reference

Only two days after actor Paul Walker died in a car accident at age 40, "Wheel of Fortune" accidentally paid tribute to the "Fast and the Furious" actor. Yes, "The Fast and the Furious" was an answer on Monday night's episode of the popular syndicated game show.

The remaining letters were:

T H E / _ _ S T / _ N D
T H E / _ _ R _ _ _ S

And contestant Dan solved the puzzle for $10,200.

He didn't win the episode; that honor went to contestant Shanita, who left with $15,250.

Even though the show added a message at the top of the screen noting that the episode had been taped weeks before Walker's death, fans were fast and furious on Twitter:

"Wheel" executives issued a statement explaining the snafu on Twitter:

And then they sent a condolence Tweet:

Host Pat Sajak addressed the issue as well:

It's impossible to be mad at Pat Sajak, and who knows? Maybe all syndicated shows will be more attentive in their programming after this eerie coincidence.