Watch Jason Isaacs Run Like Jason Bourne in 'DIG' [Video]

Jason Isaacs as Peter, Anne Heche as Lynn in 'DIG'
Jason Isaacs as Peter, Anne Heche as Lynn in 'DIG'

For much of his career, Tim Kring has strived to bring an international focus to television, with the characters in shows like Heroes and Touch frequently leaping (or, in the case of Heroes, flying) from American soil to far-flung overseas settings.

With his latest series, DIG, which premieres on USA on March 5, Kring leaves the U.S. behind entirely for a murder mystery that unfolds on location in Jerusalem. Set in the section of that Middle East metropolis known as the Old City — where the surroundings date back some 3000 years — DIG follows an FBI agent (Jason Isaacs) as he investigates the death of an American citizen, a case that dovetails with some mysterious findings at a nearby archeological dig. "Through the lends of this investigation, he starts to unravel a very deep and very complicated conspiracy," Kring tells Yahoo TV, adding that the series was inspired by '70s thrillers like Three Days of the Condor. "This is not a show with standalone episodes. We're going to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end."

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The idea for DIG sprang from the mind of Gideon Raff, the Israeli-born writer/director/producer behind Homeland and its Hebrew-language predecessor, Prisoners of War. Kring credits his co-executive producer — who also directed six of the show's initial batch of 10 episodes — with making the experience of shooting in Jerusalem an easy one. "Gideon was born and raised in Jerusalem and he knew every single inch of the city. We were physically in places I don't think American audiences have seen onscreen before."

Raff's knowledge of Jerusalem's ins and outs allowed for the production to stage sequences like the one featured in the exclusive clip below, where Isaacs pursues a suspect in a Jason Bourne-like chase through the crowded, narrow streets of the Old City. Being able to shoot in that kind of environment was a rush for Kring, who was accustomed to having to double Los Angeles for other, more exotic locations. "Heroes and Touch were shot in L.A., but depicted the rest of the world, so everything we did abroad, we had to fake. Every place you pointed the camera you had to turn into somewhere else through set decoration or visual effects. So it was amazing to be in Jerusalem, where every place you pointed the camera showed you exactly what you wanted to look at."

DIG premieres Thursday, March 5 on USA.