‘The Voice’ Top 12 Results: Kats, Cats, and Tweets

On Tuesday's top 12 "Voice" results show, the series introduced a new gimmick feature called the "Instant Save" that allowed fans (well, tech-savvy East Coast fans, that is) to live-tweet their protests over the votes and pull one of the bottom three contestants back from the brink of elimination.

So, the bottom three this week comprised two Team CeeLo contestants, Jonny Gray and Kat Robichaud, along with Team Xtina's Josh Logan. Jonny and Josh weren't surprising (at least not to me), but I thought Kat's crazy-cool, crowd-surfing AWOLNATION cover was the best performance of Monday night, so that result was a shocker. She'd simply rocked, and I couldn't believe she hadn't rocked the vote.

"I'm a little pissed, man," grumbled CeeLo Green, facing the scary prospect of losing two-thirds of his team in one fell swoop. I was pissed, too. Immediately, I took to Twitter…

So after Carson Daly stalled a bit, the tweets were tallied, and America had actually saved…Kat! Good job, America. This season's resident rock chick had survived to crowd-surf another day. But CeeLo still lost a team member, Jonny, and Christina Aguilera had to say goodbye to Josh.

I could live with these results. Jonny sadly never recaptured the greatness of his first audition, and Josh, while technically proficient, just didn't possess the charisma or uniqueness to stand out among this season's very talented pack.

And while I am sure CeeLo was disappointed to see Jonny go, at least his old Season 2 sidekick, the much-missed Purrfect, returned to the show for about five fabulous, furry, fluffy seconds.

An episode that includes Purrfect the Cat and Kat Robichaud? That's a results show to really meow about.

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