'The Mindy Project' Finale Burning Question: Are You Younger Than Katie Holmes?

"The Mindy Project" finished off its second season with one of the show's strongest episodes ever, titled "Mindy and Danny," playing on Mindy Lahiri's (and Mindy Kaling's) love of romantic comedies for a sweet but not too saccharine love story.

It was your typical boy meets girl/boy dates girl/boy breaks up with girl/boy realizes he made a mistake/boy tries to win her over using a decoy, a missed connections newspaper post, and a meet-up on top of the Empire State Building/boy gets girl back and they live happily ever after kind of scenario. Basically it was finally the perfect coupling for one of TV's most perfect couples.

But one question remains after you mull over Mindy and Danny's (Chris Messina) latest mile-high makeout: Are you younger than Katie Holmes?

Yes, between love letters to some of the big screen's greatest love stories and references to Bradley Cooper and his elaborate suits, Mindy adorably obsessed over her age in relation to Katie Holmes.

If you didn't immediately get online to search for Holmes's birthday... well, you have more willpower than we do. So we made it easy for you to see if you're younger or older than the "Dawson's Creek" alum with this handy flowchart:

Now you can go back to swooning over MinDanny, making "if they mated" fan art of their eventual Pope-named babies, and trying to wait patiently for Season 3 to premiere this fall...