'The Mindy Project' Cast Shakeup: Who's In and Who's Out for Season 3

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Maggie Furlong
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"The Mindy Project" is losing its doll-obsessed, Dr. Castellano-loving receptionist Betsy — Yahoo TV has confirmed that Zoe Jarman will not return as a series regular for Season 3.

Jarman isn't the first castmember to leave the show: Original castmembers Anna Camp, Amanda Setton, and Stephen Tobolowsky have all exited since the Mindy Kaling-helmed show first premiered on Fox (as did Richard Schiff, who was in the original pilot and then replaced by Tobolowsky).

But will she be the only cast departure before Season 3? Universal Television has confirmed to Yahoo TV that everyone else besides Jarman will be returning for Season 3 as series regulars. Everyone.

Fans have been worried about other possible cast departures all season: With the addition of Adam Pally as Dr. Peter Prentice, Ed Weeks's character Dr. Jeremy Reed wasn't given as much to do (besides get fat for a bit). Couple that with Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) taking over as Mindy's will-they-again/won't-they-again love interest (which Jeremy was at the start of Season 1) and it felt like the show could be heading in the direction of losing one of its male leads.

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Back in February, Yahoo TV talked to writer and star Ike Barinholtz on set about the possibility of Weeks leaving the show (on a day that Weeks was, sadly, not on set), and he shot down the rumor then as well.

"No way is Ed leaving. Ed Weeks is such a favorite of the writers," Barinholtz said. "Ed, in his contract, wasn't in every episode this season, so it seemed like there were three episodes in a row where he was gone. But Ed's not going anywhere. I can say this: He really is my favorite actor to work with on the show because he gets it right away... me and Ed, we're big B-story guys. You've gotta have a B-story. What happens a lot of times is we'll have a B-story and we'll end up getting all this extra stuff for the A-story, so a lot of stuff Ed and I do ends up getting cut out. It is what it is. But we love Ed so much. He's the greatest."

Universal Television confirmed that "everyone" does, in fact, include Pally and Weeks, and Weeks then confirmed their confirmation, so Dr. Jeremy fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

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As for Jarman's departure, it may not be goodbye forever. A rep for the show has said that it's possible Jarman will be back as a guest star next season, but we heard that same thing when Camp left the show, leaving Kaling's Dr. Mindy Lahiri essentially girlfriend-less.

The addition of Xosha Roquemore's nurse Tamra — who joined in Season 2 and has gotten more to do since her character and Barinholtz's Morgan have furthered their flirtation — meant less for Jarman's Betsy to do. A recent strange line of dialogue might've been the final nail in that quirky character's coffin. When Betsy blurted out that she was in love with Dr. Castellano? Yeah, nothing good can come from that.

So the bright side is, while Shulman & Associates might be losing some support staff, at least they won't have to re-do the side of their mobile medical bus!

"The Mindy Project" Season 2 finale airs Tuesday, May 6 at 9:30 p.m. on Fox; Season 3 will premiere this fall.