'The Goldbergs' Creator Adam Goldberg Takes Us Back to the '80s With POPsessions

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Hey you guyssss! "The Goldbergs" is back, and they're diving even deeper into that glorious well of '80s nostalgia goodness.

This week's episode is a "Goonies" homage — titled "Goldbergs Never Say Die," naturally — and just the thought of that makes us want to set some booby traps, peel open a Baby Ruth, and hope for just one Chester Copperpot reference.

Since all of "The Goldbergs" shenanigans are not-so-loosely based on creator Adam Goldberg's family, and the show proves that he's an unrepentent pop-culture fanatic, we got him to do a flashback version of our POPsessions Q&A, answering as his '80s self would have.

His answers include shout-outs to Alyssa Milano, Rainbow Brite, Tim Curry in Stephen King's "It," Falcor, and the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Seriously, we could've retro-interviewed him all day. But after listening to some of these hilarious stories, and some possible teases for what "The Goldbergs" could do with another season, we had to ask Goldberg if Season 2 was happening. His answer was like a penny down a wishing well: "Oh, it is. It's not official, but it couldn't be more unofficially official."

1. What was the first movie you ever saw? The first movie that I can remember was "The Muppet Movie." I totally remember thinking it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen until, at the end, Animal eats something and becomes giant, and like rips through a house… and I had to go home. And still when I watch it, I'm still a little freaked out. The trauma lives with me to this day.

The other movie that I remember vividly was "Aliens," which is how the "Poltergeist" episode of "The Goldbergs" came about. My brother Barry was supposed to take me to see, I think, "The Great Mouse Detective," and he didn't want to go, so he took me to see "Aliens." I was like six. I was so scared, I threw up in the theater.

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2. What '80s movie does present-day adult Adam absolutely always stop and watch if you see it on cable? I totally know it — for me, it's "The Goonies." The other one is "Christmas Vacation," which I think still holds up.

3. What movie made '80s Adam cry? He was very sensitive... Yeah, sure. "E.T." I was so messed up after that movie — that that alien just left! He's never gonna come back! I felt betrayed. I was so emotional on the car ride home… I cried and cried.

4. Who was your first TV crush? TV crush… really young '80s Adam had a crush on Rainbow Brite. I knew it was weird, it was a cartoon, but I watched the show because I had a crush on Rainbow Brite. And then, of course, it was Alyssa Milano. She was a tomboy, so that was cool, and then all of a sudden, she was just so hot it was ridiculous.

5. What movie or TV character would you hate to be trapped in an elevator with?

I would say the clown from "It." That thing messed me up pretty bad. Probably the scariest thing ever made, ever. I never really could watch any Tim Curry after that. You can try to fool me and pretend to be in "Rocky Horror," you can sing and dance… you're the clown from "It." You're dead to me. I'll never work with you. I'll never talk to you. You're the clown from "It."

[Laughs.] Have you ever met Tim Curry? I've never met him. I would be scared. That thing… I'll still have nightmares to this day about the clown from "It."

6. If you were kidnapped, what movie or TV character would you call to save you? I'd probably call Knight Rider. I don't know that I'd want Hasselhoff there though. I just think I'd want to spend time with just the car. I don't know how the car could rescue me… usually the car would just kind of burst in, and then he would do the rest of the work, he would be the muscle. So hopefully the car would burst through and hit the kidnapper, and then I could just drive away in that "Knight Rider" car. That would be sweet. But I just don't know that I'd want to go for a ride with Michael Knight — I'd just want the car to myself. Some private time.

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7. Did you ever do a choreographed dance from a music video? Absolutely. I don't know if I should even say this, because I might want to do an episode about it, but growing up in the '80s, New Kids was, like, the rage. So my friend and I — Chad Kremp, who's been portrayed on the show — decided to do a parody video to "Hangin' Tough" because we hated the New Kids so much. What happened was we ended up loving the song and listening to the New Kids in secret. It was our dark secret. The video still exists — it's amazing!

I loved making music videos when I was a kid with my camera. I have tapes and tapes. Another one that was great was I did "Cats in the Cradle." And it's very serious. I showed it to our writers' room and they were literally crying on the floor because I'm, like, 12 and it's very heavy. Superimposing me… that was some serious sh--. Forget comedy for a minute — let's exercise this other muscle.

8. What book changed your life?

No. 1 of "Choose Your Own Adventure." I mean, not brought up a lot... I think an unsung hero of the '80s. The fact that I could choose my own adventure was mind-blowing to me. Granted I would cheat and see the winning page then work backwards, because I didn't want to be robbed. I didn't want to go through the effort of reading the whole book, but I ended up reading every one. I was obsessed with those things. Life changing. Maybe that was, like, how I learned how to tell stories.

9. Did you have posters of celebrities on your wall as a kid? Every movie poster that is in Adam's room on the show, I had at one time or another. I was never the kid that had Alyssa Milano. I had "Time Bandits." The video store near me would give away posters, so I would just wait around like a creep and harass them to give me stuff, so I'd end up with random ones. At one point, I had "Cops and Robbersons" on my wall. I don't know if you know that one, but Chevy Chase, and his last name just happened to be Robberson. Never heard that name before! So yeah, movie posters on every wall, covered — just covered. Not an inch of room.

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10. Did you ever dress as a celeb for Halloween? My favorite costume was the Rubik's Cube. I wore it two or three years in a row. Does that count as a celebrity? I don't know. Maybe. I went as Mr. T one year — I bought the mohawk, wore gold chains and a jean jacket. Halloween in my house was usually just my mom thinking she was a supermom and saying, "I'll make you a great costume," and it always ended up being an amalgamation of different things she found around the house, and me being embarrassed to wear it.

11. Who's the one character from movies or TV that '80s Adam would bring with him to a desert island?

I'm gonna say Falcor from "Neverending Story," because then I could just fly away from the island. We'd go on an adventure, me and the giant, white flying dog. [Laughs.] Yeah, Falcor. That's a great answer, because I'm not on the island anymore, and I have a lovable best friend.

Maybe the best answer that question has ever gotten. We should just stop while we're ahead.

"The Goldbergs" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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