The CW's New 2014 Shows: 'The Flash' and 'Jane the Virgin' Earn Best Rankings of Any New Shows

You've seen the billboards and trailers for weeks, and now it's finally time for the broadcast networks to start rolling out their new fall TV shows. But which ones are worth watching and which ones should you skip? We've seen them all and reviewed them accordingly with a quick and easy ranking system.

Graphic by Jayme Perry.
Graphic by Jayme Perry.

Now: These are the best, buzziest shows that you should season pass and watch the night-of.
Later: We recommend watching these... eventually. When you've watched all the "Now" shows.
Never: Sorry, but not all shows are must-see!

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Here, we break down The CW's new fall shows, with premiere info, trailers, and of course our brutally honest snap judgments. Good to note that we don't always all agree, but with several takes — from Yahoo TV's Maggie Furlong, Breanne L. Heldman, Dave Nemetz, Chrissy Le Nguyen, and Kimberly Potts — hopefully it'll make deciding what to watch easier. Happy watching!


Premieres Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m.

Furlong: Now
Grant Gustin is supremely likable as our hero and with so many fun cameos already slated, this show feels like a must-see.

Heldman: Now
Arrow has gotten better with age, and I have no reason not to expect this will, too. Like its comic book predecessor, the pilot is fun — I suspect it will get that much more action-packed, exciting, and entertaining.

Nemetz: Now
As zippy as its title character, and lots of fun; singlehandedly lifts the comic-book genre out of the grim doldrums.

Nguyen: Later
Flash was reminiscent of early seasons of Smallville so I'll give it more episodes. The pilot was fun and set up a lot of backstory without overwhelming casual comic fans. I just hope Barry Allen gets to face off with more interesting (and threatening) villains soon.

Premieres Monday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m.

Furlong: Now
Ignore the name — give this show a chance and you won't be sorry. The telenovela style is not for everyone, but you'll leave having watched something truly unique and delightful, whether you choose to tune in for more or not. Do it.

Heldman: Later
Kudos to The CW for taking a chance on this show — it certainly doesn't fit in the network's comfort zone. I'm not sure it'll pay off, at least for me, but we'll give it a few months to gestate.

Nemetz: Now
Fall TV's most pleasant surprise: instantly endearing, with a breakout performance from Gina Rodriguez. And I don't even watch The CW!

Nguyen: Now
I'm hooked and cannot stop gushing about how much I enjoyed the debut episode. Gina Rodriguez as the titular Jane is an absolute joy to watch: charming, funny, and totally relatable. By far my favorite pilot of the fall.

Potts: Now
The high-concept plot shouldn’t work, but thanks to great writing and breakout star Gina Rodriguez, it really, really does.