'The Chair' Exclusive: Shane Dawson Reacts to Zachary Quinto Dissing His Movie

'The Chair' Exclusive: Shane Dawson Reacts to Zachary Quinto Dissing His Movie

Warning: The clip embedded above contains explicit language.

Starz's filmmaking experiment The Chair got really real last week, with executive producer Zachary Quinto calling contestant Shane Dawson's film "deeply offensive" and "tasteless" before removing his name from it in disgust. (And here we thought Spock didn't have any emotions.)

In this exclusive sneak peek at Saturday's season finale, Dawson reacts to Quinto's diss, saying it's been 24 hours since he learned how Quinto felt about his movie and he waited to film his reaction because at first, he was "very angry, very upset." And even a day later, "I'm still just as confused, just as hurt, and just as angry."

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But Dawson sticks up for himself: "I like the movie. The producers that I trust like the movie. The test audience liked the movie." And he battles back against Quinto's assertions that he shouldn't be making movies at all: "I know I deserve to make a movie because I've been working my f--king ass off these last eight years on YouTube."

Dawson restrains himself from going after Quinto directly, saying he's taking "the high road," but he does take a jab at Quinto's art-house pretensions: "Art-house movies, they're great. If that's your cup of tea, well, then, honey, sip it. Because I'm over there drinking a Big Gulp with something sugary, sweet, and bad for me, with the rest of America."

Back before The Chair premiered, Dawson hinted to us that "near the end of the season, there are some situations that are very, very intense that I had to pretty much go to therapy for… And all I want to do is tweet about it and talk about how much I hate this person, but I can't do that."

The season finale of The Chair airs Saturday at 10 p.m. on Starz.