The 11 Best Internet Reactions to Hank and Walt's 'Breaking Bad' Face-Off

On Sunday night, the moment that had been brewing since "Breaking Bad" premiered finally came to pass, and when it did, the Internet exploded. Here are some of the best reactions cooking on the web.

1. Post-Show Hangover


2. What was in the book?


(Avala Tumblr)

3. Patriotic Walt

(Medicinal Coffee Tumblr)

4. Santa Jesse 

(Backwards In Time Tumblr)

5. Paperboy Jesse

(Butterfly with a Bomb Tumblr)

6. Badger's "Star Trek" Script

Not a day later, it has already been animated and posted online.

7. Get the Schraderbrau Look

Available in all sizes at

8. The Stars Tweet: Mindy Kaling Cautions

9. The Stars Tweet: Rebecca Black Proposes

10. Rocks


11. Signage


(Hazakael Tumblr)