The 'Grey's Anatomy' Video You've Always Wanted: Cristina and Owen Happy, Giggly, Planning Their Future

Are you ready for favorite "Grey's Anatomy" stars Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) and Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) to make your day? The video below contains the following Oh + McKidd magical elements that are guaranteed to improve your mood: giggling together and separately, a discussion about the secret of "tossing salad" on set, their characters' happy ending, and how they're planning for Yang's exit.

Mood-lifting, right? Here is the entirety of their lively back-and-forth for your further viewing pleasure:

What medical procedures could you actually perform at this point?

Sandra Oh: I, ah…. none.

Kevin McKidd: I'm good at making salad, that's what we call it.

Oh: Yes, you're very good at making salad.

Is that a common term or a show-created term?

Oh: No, no because the [camera] frame is here, right, [gestures from her chest to her head]. I'm giving a big secret away, so we're very important doctor up here [neck up] but we're just doing this [gestures with her hands like she's tossing a salad].

McKidd: We're kind of tossing salad.

In your rainbowland fantasy, what would be the best way to go out and would [McKidd] direct it?

Oh: Ooo. No.

McKidd: That would be too emotional.

Oh: Yeah, I wouldn't want you to direct it because I would want the episode to be a lot about us. That's really too hard [with you directing].

McKidd: Yeah, because generally if I'm directing they write me light.

Oh: Yeah it's too hard. But in my fantasy, I'll tell ya in my heart of hearts, but that would mean you would have to change your contract.

McKidd: [Laughs] What, I should leave too? Owen Hunt should leave? I like that idea. If there wasn't the real world to deal with…

Oh: In the fantasy of the television fantasy…

McKidd: Yeah, they're going to go off and do some bad ass thing in India or somewhere, create a new hospital.

Oh: Yeah! Let's go cure disease.

McKidd: Malaria. Cure malaria in Africa.

Oh: But I'm a heart surgeon. We're going to go do surgery around the world.

Has there been talk of a big sendoff for Sandra? Parties being planned?

Oh: Ooooo I love surprise parties!

McKidd: Shhh! Stop! You should not be asking these questions, this is bad. There might be something but we don't know yet.

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.