The 'Fargo' Cast Names Their Favorite Moments From the 'Fargo' Movie

Don't go looking for Marge Gunderson or Jerry Lundegaard in FX's "Fargo"; you won't find them. While the new ten-episode drama (debuting April 15) faithfully recreates the spirit and tone of the Oscar-winning Coen brothers film, it tells an entirely new story — and a good one, at that — with a fresh cast of characters.

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But that doesn't mean the cast hasn't seen the movie, for Pete's sake. When we visited the Calgary set of "Fargo" last month, we asked each cast member to name their favorite scene, moment, or line of dialogue from the original film... and ma'am, they answered our question! Read on for some good vintage "Fargo" memories.

Billy Bob Thornton (Lorne Malvo)

"I just loved [William H.] Macy, every time someone got closer to him: 'Hey, I need to ask you a couple questions.' And Martin [Freeman]'s doing the same thing here; there's something about that white-bread guy suddenly involved in something that's just not in their world. And just seeing the nervous energy in those guys… I think that would be it. I gotta tell you, every time Macy was confronted again and he knew somebody was sniffing around, it would just crack me up."

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Colin Hanks (Gus Grimly)

"The one that surprised me the most — because I hadn't seen it since it was in theaters; I watched it again before we started — I had totally forgotten about the Asian character [Mike Yanagita], the old high school classmate. I had completely forgotten about that, and it's such a great little piece. And it shows what [Marge's] life is like, and I just remember going, 'God, that is so brilliant.' And also just incredibly funny."

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Noah Hawley (showrunner/executive producer)

"There's something about that scene of [Steve] Buscemi out at the Jose Feliciano concert with that prostitute. That's just such a Coen brothers moment. And [Michelle Hutchison, the actress who played the prostitute] actually reached out. She was one of the first actors to reach out when the show was announced. She was like, 'I'm still acting, and I'm in Minnesota, so…'"

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Allison Tolman (Molly Solverson)

"There's this moment where Frances McDormand is holding a coffee and she's walking across the snow to the first body that's out there. And she hits a piece of snow — which I'm familiar with now, where there's a drop underneath it — and she kind of loses her footing and she gives this look back to her deputy. And I love that moment, because I've had many moments like that. And also, I just love that they kept that, because there's no way you could script that. Obviously, Frances McDormand was just like, 'Whoopsy-doodle.' That's great."

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Joey King (Greta Grimly)

"One of my favorite moments is when they're in the bar, and these two prostitutes are being questioned about Steve Buscemi's character. And they're like, 'Oh yah, he's a real funny-looking guy. More than usual.' And [Marge] is like, 'How so?' And they're like, 'I don't know. Just funny-looking.' They're not helpful at all. They're just totally clueless, totally not even aware of what they're dealing with."

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Keith Carradine (Lou Solverson)

"[Laughs.] Well, I'm afraid I'm a bit prosaic in that regard. I'm right there with probably most of the country, with Frances McDormand: 'I think I'm gonna barf.'"



"Fargo" premieres Tuesday, April 15 at 10 p.m. on FX.