Tara Reid on 'Sharknado': So Ridiculous and So Bad, It's Good!

Summer camp isn't just a place where kids go to get poison ivy and shoot bows and arrows. Summer camp is also what you watch on TV when you want a gory, late-night laugh.

Syfy brings it tonight with "Sharknado," which is about a tornado full of man-eating great white sharks that terrorize Los Angeles. The Sharknado spells bad, bloody trouble for a divorced Santa Monica bar owner (Ian Ziering!) who wants to save his ex-wife (Tara Reid!) and their tots.

We highly suggest you sneak a giggle at this exclusive clip, wherein Jerk in a Collared Shirt dares to question Ian Ziering's authority on sharks. Best line: "Every time in rains in L.A., everyone says it's the storm of the century." See for yourself:

And now, the best sound bites from the party line hosted by director Anthony Ferrante and star Tara Reid.

"Sharknado" is not based on real-life events.

"I hate sharks," said Reid, pulling no punches. "Personally, to be honest with you, when I read the script, I actually thought the concept was so ridiculous, that it was almost so bad that it was good. Do you know what I mean? I mean, sharks flying in the sky. I mean, come on, this whole thing is so unrealistic." Ferrante deliberately left science out of the 'nado: "One thing I'm proud of in the movie is that there's no military and no scientists trying to figure out. It's a bunch of everyday average joes trying to sort through this for better or for worse."

Beverly Hills, 90210: Shark Edition

"Sharks flying in Beverly Hills. Like, 'What are you talking about?'" Reid laughs, referring to the scene where Ziering tries to prepare her for what's to come. "You know, you're on something. And all of a sudden — boom, she's seeing the sharks, like, flying through the sky and in her pool and jumping through stained-glass doors. It's like, what the hell. It's so out there. You know what I mean, but it's actually funny. You know, like, it's just so crazy. I think it's one of these films that people are going to watch and just really, really laugh and enjoy it and watch the comedy in it."

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Reid didn't sign on because she's been lusting after Steve Sanders ever since she was a tween.

It was reasonable theory posed by a reporter. But Tara said she didn't have a crush on Ziering back in the day: "Not really. I just thought he was a nice guy."

Tara Reid still doesn't know squat about sharks.

"It wasn't really that kind of thing," she said. "It wasn't like we were with actual sharks. I mean, it was all sci-fi, so I didn't really learn anything about sharks. It wasn't like, 'Be careful with this shark because you're going to get bitten,' because it was all complete sci-fi and digital. So, no, I didn't learn anything about sharks. I just knew that, you know, run from sharks if you see them. You don't want to get eaten."

Spoiler alert: Chainsaw!

"Probably the most ridiculous [kill] is Ian Zeiring's being in the shark stomach and cutting [himself] out with a chainsaw," said Reid. "So ridiculous. That's insane but absolutely funny. I mean, it's crazy."

Yes, "Sharknado" is meant to be funny.

"I think it is a comedy because it's so crazy," said Reid. "I mean, it is silly, and there's only a certain amount of barriers you could go into. You can't take it so seriously when it's absolutely the sharks flying in the sky. It's so out there that it's actually really funny."

There was a lot of green screen...

"You just had to just use your imagination and pretend that there were sharks everywhere," said Reid. "And sometimes it felt ridiculous because you didn't know what was going on. But, yes, I think we did the best job we could, and I think we had a lot of fun doing it."

...but John Heard actually carried that barstool. And it was heavy.

Ferrante conceived a scene where everyone in the bar went for their weapons, except for Heard's character, who went for his beloved barstool. "It's very subtle, but it's there, and he comes this far and he likes where he sits," said Ferrante. "And so when the bar is being destroyed, he grabs the barstool. And we have him running down the Santa Monica Pier with his barstool, which is really, really heavy. And he did it every single time. Never complained a single moment doing it, and I could barely lift that barstool."

"Sharknado" airs Thursday, 7/11 at 9 PM on Syfy.