Super Bowl Presidential Interview: Obama and Savannah Guthrie Drink Beer

Ken Tucker
·Critic-at-Large, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s become a tradition for the President to be interviewed before a Super Bowl. (Why? Because millions are watching.) This year featured one of the more awkwardly staged and phrased interviews with President Obama, conducted by Today's Savannah Guthrie.

Held in the White House kitchen with a table full of home-brewed beer in front of them, Guthrie persisted in casting her questions via football metaphors, saying that in his recent State of the Union address, Obama was "doing an end-zone dance," and mentioning that his presidency was "in its fourth quarter." More grievously, Guthrie chided the President for being "a little cocky," wondered whether he should be "more conciliatory" toward his Republican opposition, and wondered why he was making legislative proposals that "you know you cannot pass."

Rather than say what such questions deserved — a frowny "Well, duh" — Obama patiently explained it is the President's job to put forward whatever ideas he or she thinks the country ought to be considering. It was pretty soon after Guthrie suggested that "tax hikes for the wealthy" are "counterproductive" that you could almost see Obama flick the off-switch on his press-interrogation mode — Guthrie was running out the clock by throwing softballs, to mix my own sports metaphors.

"Are we gonna drink this beer or not?" Guthrie asked abruptly. Obama invited her to swallow some Honey Ale; she opted for what she called "a tiny sip." Guthrie then plugged her follow-up interview, airing tomorrow on Today and shifted gears so fast, you could hear them grind: "We'll talk about ISIS and whether it's really on the run."

Talk about deflating…

Watch the full interview: