'Suits' Postmortem: Creator Talks Jessica and Louis's Chess Match

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson and Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt
Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson and Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the Jan. 28 episode of Suits, "Enough Is Enough," stop reading now.

Creator Aaron Korsh talks with Yahoo TV about the twist that got Louis's name on the wall — but with a catch — and where the show goes from here.

We've talked about this episode not being an easy one to watch. How hard was it for Rick Hoffman to play Louis as such a dick again?
I think what might have made it easier for him, and you'll have to ask him this, is that in this one, he's not just a dick. We understand why he's so enraged, so even if we don't like it, we get it. I think that would make it a little easier. I know it's tough to watch... I mean, we were all worried about the tonnage of Louis being a dick; how much can you take of it? We used it as an opportunity to get back to the old Louis, right? Like, Louis used to be a dick. Even if fans turn on him, if they were able to love him once, they'll be able to love him again. If he shows the audience his pain, you're always able to love him again. Obviously, it's going to resonate throughout the last six [episodes of the season]. It's going to be a process of him coming to terms with this thing that's happened...

You do have the scene at the end where he has the beginnings of a detente with Donna... And one of the ramifications is it brings Mike and Rachel a little closer together. They still have their tensions from the first half of the season. When someone sort of attacks your loved one, it can bond you to them a little bit more. So that's a nice consequence.

How did you decide the twist, that Louis would get his name on the wall but only if he signed a contract admitting he knows about Mike's secret?
My initial instinct was for right away, Jessica to say, "Fine, you want your name up on the door, you got to sign this thing." But Louis is unstable, and you don't know what would have happened if she had done that, right? She learned her lesson with Forstman, that Louis kind of dipped his toe in the water of doing something illegal with Forstman, and then Forstman made him take a payout for it. She used that knowledge and said, "OK, he's going to keep asking some things. I'm going to keep giving it to him. I'm going to let him hang himself. He's got a big party. He's made the announcement himself. Now he has to sign this thing." So that's kind of how we did it. We also thought that by delaying making him sign it, we could get some story out of his kind of crazy rampage up until then.

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Jessica lied to Jeff Malone when he asked her why she'd agreed to make Louis partner. Where does her storyline go now?
I would say Jessica's storyline is a little bit about the consequences. Can a woman have a relationship and still have this high-powered position? And really not just a woman, but anybody — Jessica is a woman, so I'll say that. Can she have a relationship with someone in her work life who works under her? Then add on top of that, can she have a relationship with someone in the workplace that works under her while keeping a big secret from him? She tells him the lie, and that's going to have ramifications that play out over the course of the next five episodes. So it's the toll that this secret has now taken on Jessica and her relationship, not just Mike.

Rachel's father suspected there was something fishy about Louis rejoining the firm. Will we see him continue to try to figure it out?
You know, it's something that's always in the ether, but I feel like he strong-armed Harvey, and Harvey lived up to the task. Like the consequences of Harvey going to Scotty and making her do that [settle a case with Zane that she could have won] — we haven't picked them up yet, but we always might.

Rachel suggested her father hire Katrina since Louis can't bring her back. Are we going to see that character in the future?
I would love to see her in Season 5, and we have some opportunities to do that. This was all we used of her in the back six. [Amanda Schull] got the 12 Monkeys job. It's funny because 12 Monkeys does shoot in Toronto, which is where we shoot, and I feel like we would have been able to use her if we'd really needed her. But she was going to be very high up on the call sheet there working very hard, and we didn't want to strain that. It's her chance at being a star of the show.

Donna telling Louis that she slept with Harvey once makes me nervous. Should we be worried he'll use it against them (somehow, someday), or was that just meant to show that Donna was willing to share something with Louis that viewers would know was painful?
It's got a two-fold purpose. It was initially intended more as just Donna's good faith: He needs her to reveal something that's "not professional, that's personal," and she does because she cares about him. But again, Louis is erratic and can be nuts, and you never know what he's going to do with that piece of information. So it sort of remains to be seen whether that's ever going to come up again.

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