Speed Date With 'Under the Dome' Hottie Alexander Koch

You've gotta like these odds. Actor Alexander Koch went on his first TV pilot audition last year and landed the role: Junior Rennie, the volatile sheriff's deputy and son of local town leader Big Jim Rennie, in the Steven Spielberg-produced CBS adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome." And his co-star, the actor playing his father on the series: One of the stars of one of his favorite shows, Dean Norris from "Breaking Bad." "I knew better than to try to get spoilers out of him," 25-year-old Grosse Pointe native Koch tells Yahoo TV. "But I really love working with Dean. He's a mentor. He gives great advice. He's been around and done so many different things, had such a great life as an actor, and he just has such a great [way] about him."

Koch, whose TV watchlist also includes "Mad Men," "Boardwalk Empire," "American Horror Story," and "Always Sunny in Philadelphia," wouldn't share any spoilers himself about next summer's second season of "Under the Dome," but hints that the drama will continue to surprise viewers with its storylines. "It was great that so many people were loving it, but I also loved that people were questioning certain things, changes from the book," he says. "It made for a good conversation. I'm always talking about my favorite shows with my friends, so it was cool to know people were doing that with ['Under the Dome']."

Here, we give viewers the chance to get to know the breakout star better by peppering him with questions, rapid-fire, speed-dating-style, to see how many he could answer in five minutes. Ready, set … go!

1. Where did you grow up? Grosse Point, Michigan.

2. Are you close to your family? Very, very close. Happy to see them on the holidays.

3. When did you realize you want to become an actor? I kept moving away from it, and then felt stir crazy every time I did.

4. What was the first movie you ever saw? "Beetlejuice," or maybe I'm just thinking that because Halloween [just passed] … probably something Disney. Maybe "Peter Pan."

5. What was the last movie you saw? I just watched "Nightmare on Elm Street."

6. Do you have pets? No.

7. What's the longest relationship you've been in? Three years.

8. Do you want kids? Yes. Someday. Not now.

9. Have you ever had a roommate from hell? Yes.

10. What's your biggest pet peeve? Not taking into account other people.

11. What did you do last Friday night? I saw "Rush" with a friend.

12. What do you never leave home without? Wallet, keys, phone.

13. Who's your best friend? I have a couple. One in each city. I have one in New York, one in Chicago, and one in L.A.

14. What food can't you stand? Shellfish, because I can't eat it.

15. Do have any allergies? Shellfish. And bee stings. But I shouldn't tell people that, because they'll come after me (laughing).

16. Do you go out to eat alone? Every once in a while, yeah.

17. Do you go to movies alone? Yes.

18. When was the last time you looked up an ex on Facebook? Within the past month. Or week, I'll be honest.

19. Who is your dream co-star? Jennifer Lawrence, because I think she's very talented.

20. Do you play sports? I used to row, but not anymore.

21. Have you ever seen a ghost? I'm not sure. Maybe, but it could've been my mind.

22. Have you ever voted in a reality TV competition? Nooo. No way.

23. How many countries have you visited? Seven.

24. Do you speak any other languages? A little Italian, but not very well.

25. What's your favorite holiday? Halloween.

26. What's your sign? Pisces.

27. Are you a typical example of that sign? Unfortunately, yes.

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