'Scandal' Stars Tease What's Next: New Loves, More Backstory, and Mama Pope

"Scandal" is back in less than a month (returns Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. on ABC), and for all the show's Gladiator fans it seriously can't come a moment too soon.

Yahoo TV caught up with "Scandal" stars Kerry Washington, Guillermo Diaz, Katie Lowes, Columbus Short, and Darby Stanchfield to try to get details about what's next from the tight-lipped OPA crew. The midseason finale featured several big cliffhangers, which the show has beautifully mastered and elevated to shocking new OMG heights.

Keep reading for scoop on mysterious Mama Pope, HuckleberryQuinn and CharlieQuinn, new OPA people at the White House, and more love stories and backstories to sink our teeth into.

Picking Back Up
Kerry Washington: It's like a month later, I think, when we pick up.

Columbus Short: And it is good. OPA is gonna always be OPA — it's always gonna be excitement and over a cliff drama.

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Guest Stars
KW: You guys know Jon Tenney is coming… we can't tell you what he does, or how he does it, or why he does it, but it's pretty amazing! [Laughs.]

OPA at The White House
Darby Stanchfield: Abby actually gets to go into the White House world for a little bit, and does something that is out of her job description. It was fun to act, and it'll be fun for the audience to see her interact with this character that she has no business interacting with. It's someone we know already, and it's very fun.

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Huck and Quinn, aka HuckleberryQuinn
Guillermo Diaz: Obviously their relationship is strained. Huck is still struggling with the fact that he... he's embarrassed about what he did. He doesn't think it's wrong, what he did to Quinn, but I think he's more afraid and embarrassed about Olivia, knowing that Olivia's not going to like what he did.

Charlie and Quinn, aka CharlieQuinn
Katie Lowes: Where we left off in the midseason finale, Quinn seems to have nowhere to go except for Charlie — #CharlieQuinn. Where does she belong? Again! Quinn has been struggling with this for several seasons — where is her home — and I think for a while she's been all content with Huck and Olivia being her place of being, and now she's not there anymore. So what does that mean? Where is she going? What does that mean for #CharlieQuinn? All those things. She has nowhere to go — I know it's kind of messed up, but I do think she and Charlie have some sort of weird love/spy/torturer thing going on, and really she has no other place to go. It's all pretty messed up. And he knows this is Huck's girl, he knows that she learned everything she knows from Huck.

GD: I feel like he's getting off on the fact that he knows that Huck is going nuts that they're together.

KL: I love Olivia Pope and Associates, but I really love working with Charlie, too. I do. I think he's a whackadoodle and it's hilarious. I mean, George Newbern is Bryan MacKenize from "Father of the Bride" — like, thank you! I will go wherever Shonda Rhimes takes me, but I kind of secretly in my heart miss OPA.

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Mama Pope
KL: That is impending doom. She has this ominous presence of impending danger and doom and terrorism and fear and what the hell… who is she connected to? That's gonna be crazy.

New Loves, More Backstory
CS: Harrison's getting some giggidy-giggidy lately. Harrison's got a type… he just doesn't know what type it is. [Laughs.]

KW: Harrison has some important, revealing backstory character stuff coming.

CS: I did a scene yesterday with Darby, and I was like, "Am I going to talk to her?" I don't know what's going on.

KW: It's very confusing. And wonderful. The Harrison stuff is really exciting.

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Olivia Pope's Style
CS: I was in Atlanta this weekend shooting a short, and this girl came to set with some Jordans on, leggings, black wife beater, and this gorgeous white coat, three-quarter length. And I was like, "Excuse me, Olivia Pope." And she was like, "You recognized it!" She is a fashion icon. She has affected everyone — even Harrison has affected a weird group of men, like SportsCenter commentators.

KW: Yes! You see it — they're all in patterns, pocket squares. [Costume designer] Lyn Paolo is a beast. She is amazing.

Stanchfield on a shortened Season 3:

"Scandal" returns Thurs., Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. on ABC.