'Scandal' Season Finale Tweet-cap: Who Was Murdered? Which Couple Flew Off Into the Sunset?

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SCANDAL - "The Price of Free and Fair Elections" - Election Day has arrived and nothing is off limits as the candidates try to capture votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to understand Maya's motives and Charlie makes a very surprising move, on the season finale of ABC's "Scandal," THURSDAY, APRIL 17 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ron Tom) KERRY WASHINGTON, SCOTT FOLEY

SPOILER ALERT: This recap for the "Scandal" Season 3 finale, "The Price of Free and Fair Elections," contains character and storyline spoilers.

Olivia Pope can fix any scandal. Or can she?

In the Season 3 finale of "Scandal," Olivia realizes that she's the biggest scandal of all. And to fix herself, she has to go away.

A Washington, D.C. without Olivia Pope? A White House without Olivia Pope? A Fitzgerald Grant without Olivia Pope? An Olivia Pope & Associates without, uh, Olivia Pope?

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Yes, it's possible. Because at the end of the episode — after Fitz has won the reelection by a fingernail, after his son Jerry was murdered, after Maya Pope was apprehended, after Huck was reunited with his family, after Harrison may or not be dead, after Rowan was revealed to be the Biggest Bad of All Time Ever — Olivia Pope got on a jet plane and flew away into the sunset with Jake.

Team Gladiators? #Broken.

Karma bites

Fitz is giving a stirring eulogy for the late Sen. Hightower — except he's still in the Oval Office with Cyrus, not at the funeral.

The Chief of Staff starts to get cold feet and seems about to confess it all when Jake barges in. "There's a situation," he barks.

At the hospital, Liv is watching TV while Rowan is in surgery, when the news of a potential bomb at the funeral comes in. Then, the bomb goes off! She rushes back to the White House and tells Fitz to give a briefing for the sake of his campaign.

Meanwhile, Leo also sees an opportunity, and persuades Sally to stay on site and tend to the wounded. She does so, as cameras follow her every move. In fact, to Liv's chagrin, all the networks pay more attention to her than to Fitz's briefing.

Her heroism clearly boosts her campaign, and Liv and Cy have to acknowledge that the election is over. "I want a refund. I want my money back," a drunk Mellie snarks. "I thought we hired her to win." Could this be OPA's biggest failure to date?

Liv visits Rowan in the hospital and morosely admits that Fitz's reelection campaign is over. But one good thing comes out of this whole thing: Father and daughter make peace, and even hug!

Harrison sweet-talks Adnan into letting him go, and he and Abby arrive at OPA only to hear some strange noises coming from one of the offices. It's Huck and Quinn, doing it on a desk!

Meanwhile, David goes to Jake's apartment to confront him about the fact that Cyrus didn't warn everyone about the funeral bomb. But Jake isn't B-613 Command anymore. He's just a "regular" guy who wants to watch sports. David is, like, "That does not compute." Also, no "regular" guy kills three people in front of a fourth, then use the threat of death on that fourth person to get what he wants. That is not "regular."

Guess Charlie found out about Huckleberry Quinn, because he packs up his stuff at Quinn's apartment. But first, he gives her an envelope with information Huck wants. Hmmm.

Lose yourself

Liv goes to see Fitz to deliver the bad news about the election, but he seems OK with with it. Now, they can move to Vermont and make babies.

He swears he's going to divorce Mellie, for real this time, but Liv — oh, scrupulous Liv — tells him her theory that his father raped Mellie years ago. At first, Fitz doesn't believe it, but then it sinks it.

He goes to confront Mellie, and without words, the truth comes out. "So now what?" she sobs. He kisses her on the forehead and holds her close. Vermont is very far away now.

Quinn brings Huck to a house to spy on a new family, but it turns out to be his! The envelope contained the info to reunite Huck with his wife, Kim, and their son, Javi. But why would Quinn reveal this, when it would mean the end of their... whatever? "I love you," she says. And more than anything, she wants him to be happy. Oh, Quinn.

Liv calls Fitz to chat, and they realize that the dream of Vermont is just that — a dream. And now, they've woken up. He can't leave Mellie now. In fact, Olivia says, "I wouldn't want you if, knowing what you know, you left her now."

Fitz and the First Family prepare for his concession speech, but as he reaches the podium, his son Jerry starts coughing up blood. Then, he collapses! Next thing we know, he's dead! Apparently, he passed away from a strain of bacterial meningitis!

It's awful and tragic, and Mellie and Karen have to take sedatives. But Fitz is told by his Secret Service agent, Tom, that the strain was a special kind only housed at a military base. Which means Jerry was murdered! Rowan insists that it was all Maya Pope's doing.

Meanwhile, a very subdued Liv and Cyrus talk in the hospital hallway. She points out that this means Fitz will actually win the election. The country will rally behind Fitz. "A child is dead, and that's the first thing that popped into my head," she says.

Go your own way

The recent shocking events have messed everyone up. Huck stops by Olivia's apartment and cries in her arms about seeing his family again.

Fitz comforts Mellie about Jerry's death, and it seems the First Couple is on a road to reconciliation.

And when Liv talks to her father, newly out of the hospital, she asks if his offer of a plane and a new life still stands. Abby tries to talk her out of it, but Liv is ready to leave this world, for good.

Jake also tries to talk her out of it, but once he sees she's dead-set on going, changes course. Now, he wants her to take him with her! Even though she's still in love with Fitz! "Run away with me. Save me," he pleads.

Meanwhile, Rowan has put the pressure on Harrison to help him track down Maya. They do just that, and she's apprehended by soldiers outside a bank.

But later, Harrison is suspicious. He finds out that Rowan has been reinstated as Command. And really, Maya Pope killing Jerry doesn't make sense at all. In fact, the only benefactor of that death is… Rowan!

Just then, Tom the Secret Service Agent comes in. From a flashback, we see that he was the one to infect Jerry! He levels his gun at Harrison. "He took my child. So I took his," Rowan explains, without a tinge of remorse.

As "Papa Is a Rollin' Stone" plays, we see a series of images: Fitz, on his knees in the Oval Office, with Mellie trying to comfort him; Huck, ringing the doorbell of his family's home and greeting his shocked wife; Rowan and Charlie, opening the door of The Hole and seeing Maya inside; and Olivia, pulling up to her plane.

Jake is waiting there for her. They board. Her phone rings — it's the White House, but she turns it off.

"Are you sure?" he asks.

"Yes," Olivia answers, a hint of a smile creeping over her face.

Gladiator out.