'Scandal' Season 3 Finale Reactions: Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes Play He Said/She Said

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Huck and Quinn are moving up the ranks to become the most complicated relationship on "Scandal" — and that's saying a lot. From co-workers to co-torturers to lovers, these two have been through it all. But now that Huck's family is back in the mix, and Quinn said those three little words, where does the fan-favorite duo stand?

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Yahoo TV chatted with stars Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes to get their take on the state of HuckleberryQuinn, couples therapy-style. Keep reading for the he said/she said Season 3 postmortem to see if Quinn's "I love you" can make their love last until Season 4 — and if they even want them to be together.

Do you think there's any repairing Huck and Quinn's relationship?

He said: I think there is. I think anything is possible, for sure. I think Huck still has really strong feelings for Quinn. I think he was a little bit taken aback and shocked that she brought him to his family's house that way… you know, I would've thought she'd sit him down and talk about it before bringing him there. He was a little bit jarred by that, but his feelings are still strong for her.  

She said: I'd like to think so. I think Quinn… as dark and twisted as she has become, and all of the things she's seen, I still think in her heart of hearts, she's a glass half-full person.

The "I love you"! It happened.
He said: She said it! Yep. But then here's his wife and his child — he's torn. But I think we've all kind of been in situations like that when you love someone and then there's this other person that kind of pops up that you've had a past with, and you have feelings for them, too. You're just kind of caught in that weird space of, "OK, I think I need to choose now." So he's at that place. Oh my god… I totally just described freaking Olivia Pope! [Laughs.]

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She said: I know — wasn't that heartbreaking? I think she truly, truly does love Huck. He just understands her on a level that nobody else on her planet can or ever will. They have so many similarities: They've worked for B-613; they've worked for OPA; they've tortured people; they've been tortured; they've both had their identities stripped from them; they've both been saved by Olivia Pope; and they've both had to recreate who they are. I just feel like it kind of makes them truly understand each other. That was a very real moment. In her mind, the way I thought about it was, if we're going to get this relationship off to a true start, because I really, truly love you, we have to be completely honest with each other. I mean, what type of person would Quinn be if she knew those things about him and didn't tell him? I don’t think she thought that he was going to react that way though. He was straight-up pissed.

How would you describe their sex life?    

He said: [Laughs.] Violent, spontaneous, dirty, and hot. It's kind of like how they are in their lives — a bit spontaneous, a bit crazy. Shonda said it last night on "Kimmel": Huck and Quinn weren't gonna go make love and then sort of hang out in bed and make breakfast in the morning. Their sex life and their life is a lot different from everyone else. They torture people and kill people, so they get off on the sex being a little out of the box, if you will. Those crazy kids!

She said: Wild, violent, and passionate. Guillermo and I — I call him G in real life — G and I are super, super tight, so shooting those scenes with him is very comfortable, and we have a lot of dialogue about how HuckleberryQuinn's sex life cannot be normal. Weird is good. I think that their tolerance and the experience they've had with pain and pleasure are so far off the scale of what most people go through that, to them, that's their high. They see blood and something that's risky — doing it in public, doing it at their place of work, and Quinn's former place of work — and they don't know how else to deal with that emotionally except just doing it on the conference table. Between the first kiss in her apartment where he threatened to kill her, to the licking of the cheek on the bridge, to the hood sex last week, to conference table blood sex this week… Huck and Quinn have definitely defined their sex lives.

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What trait do your characters love most in each other?
He said: Her confidence and her intelligence. She's gotten really good with finding stuff with the computer and hacking into things… I don’t think he was expecting her to be so good. And he thinks she's a hot number, too. [Laughs.] Did I just age myself saying "hot number"?

She said: I think she loves that he's amazing at his job. That scene last week where he finds the guy and throws him down on the floor — I think that turns Quinn on so much. When Huck hacks his way into something and nobody else could do it… that stuff gets Quinn super hot and heavy.

What trait do your characters despise in each other?
He said: He despises her confidence, which is the trait that he loves in her as well. He's attracted to that. He's kind of lost a little bit of his mojo, especially when he was trying to torture Billy Chambers [Matt Letscher] and he couldn't and Quinn took over with that confidence, not even thinking twice. It scared him — it made him feel a bit less than, but I think that's the attraction as well that there's this woman who's a little like him.

She said: I think she probably gets pretty jealous of his loyalty to Olivia.

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As actors, Guillermo and Katie, what's the other person's most annoying habit on set?

He said: [Laughs.] Oh! The most annoying habit is when she thinks she's getting sick, she carries around a gigantic Ziploc of like different medicines and pills and drops and liquids and sprays. She literally has a bag full of herbal remedies that she carries around and pops in her mouth in front of everybody… when she thinks she's getting sick. She's not even sick! She's a bit of a hypochondriac. But I've gotta say, I've dipped into that bag myself, more than once.

She said: Oh god, he's perfect! [Laughs.] He's just the best. He's so even-keel. I know that's a good trait, but when you're with someone in the trenches, 14 hours a day, people have good days and bad days. I'm an emotional, moody woman and he has been with me on bad days, and he's always even-keel, professional, lovely… but I look up to him for that.

What would you like to see happen with Huck and Quinn in Season 4?
He said: Honestly, I don't think I'd like to see them together. I would kind of like to see them just kind of get back to their friendship, if they can even do that. I think they possibly will have some crazy sex a couple more times. You know, when you break up with someone and the sex was really good, you kind of keep having it for a little while… you kind of have to wean yourself off of it. But I think I'd like to see them not together, I really do — I think it makes them more interesting. If they stay together and try to be a couple… I don't know if HuckleberryQuinn would be as exciting if they were together, because then there's always that possibility and there's always that sort of thing hanging over them that they still have feelings for each other, which I think they still will. It just makes it more interesting.

She said: What creates good TV is drama and conflict, so I'd be interested in Quinn being in love with Huck, like she is, but them not being able to be together because they're working together. I think the messier and the crazier, the better — whether they're together or not, it's there. To me, Quinn loves him and will always love him. So he's either the guy that got away or he's the guy she's trying to keep. He's kind of like her forever at the moment.

Now there's Huck's other woman… Jasika Nicole's return was so exciting and emotional. I'm assuming we'll get to see more of their reunion when Season 4 begins?

He said: I haven't been told anything, so I can only imagine… I mean, the episode ends with Huck standing in front of Kim, who opened the door to Huck. So I can't imagine her not coming back. I love Jasika, and I think the chemistry between us is amazing. Just to see that moment, hopefully in Season 4, right after the door opens — what's going to happen? Are they going to break down and cry? Is she gonna be mad? I can't imagine what emotions Shonda is going to write for us, but I'm sure it'll be wonderful.

So you're really telling me that you all didn't shoot ahead just a little bit, at least for continuity's sake, to save for Season 4?
He said: Not at all! We've done stuff like that before, but we didn't do that this time at all — what you saw is exactly what we shot for that scene. I don't think even Shonda and the writers really know what's going to happen with that, which makes it even more exciting.

And for Quinn's other man, do you think that's the last we'll see of Charlie [George Newbern]?

She said: I don't think anyone's really ever gone in Shondaland. We've seen that numerous times… even someone who's dead can come back in flashbacks. I love George Newbern so much, and this season was so amazing, so to me I'd love that, and of course it's completely possible.

The state of OPA is in shambles, Harrison is being held at gunpoint, your friends' lives are all falling apart…
He said: Yeah, Olivia kind of left Huck and Abby with the keys and then she's off. What the hell is going to happen? And Harrison… [laughs] again, honestly, honestly, honestly, they don't tell us anything. There's a gun pointing at a character's head… who knows? I have no idea.

She said: Oh my gosh — I don't know what's happening with Harrison! Of course we are on a show where people die. That is an actual reality. So I feel like any of us, at any point, are expendable, and that's what makes the show so interesting for the viewer. And so scary for the actor. [Laughs.] I have no idea what's going to happen to any of our characters, to be honest. Olivia Pope is on a plane, OPA like doesn't exist anymore. Is Abby running it? Where is Quinn? Is Huck going back to his family? Is Olivia Pope on a beach? It kind of blew up the whole world… Maya Pope's in the hole… every single thing that we've established on the show kind of got spun on its head and kind of doesn’t exist anymore. Fitz was elected for four more years, but now it looks like he's seriously gonna be hitting the bottle, so I don't know what kind of president we're gonna have. It's just crazy! Everybody is at risk.

"Scandal" Season 4 premieres this fall on ABC.