'Scandal' Real Talk: Olivia and Fitz Are Doomed


Hate to break it to you, Gladiators, but those of you still shipping Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) on "Scandal" need to hear the harsh reality: Olitz is doomed.

And that's not just because she quit her job and flew off into the sunset with Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) in the Season 3 finale… that's because she chose to stop fighting with Fitz and fighting for Fitz, and in that moment, it was over. Forever.

Don't get me wrong — I think that in a different time and place, under totally different circumstances, Olivia and Fitz are completely meant to be together and could live happily ever after making babies and jam in Vermont. But Shonda Rhimes doesn't do sci-fi. This is real life (or at least TV "real life"), and their lives are really messed up. Irreparably so.

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Before you assume I'm saying Liv won't be back, she will be. Of course she will be. Did you see her face when Jake asked, "Are you sure?" and she could barely muster the energy to simply say, "Yes"? If not, here's a reminder:

That's not the face of a woman who is sure. But it is the face of a woman who's sure she can't keep going down the same destructive path with the same destructive man, time and time again.

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And before you freak out and start thinking this is just pro-Jake propaganda, take a deep breath, straighten your white hats and listen: Jake's not right for Liv either. Liv is a Gladiator, her Gladiators are her people, and she'll return to them — those that survived at least (ahem, Columbus Short's Harrison!) — at some point in Season 4 and it'll be game on again. It'll just be different.

So pour some more wine and keep reading for more proof that Olivia and Fitz are over:

1. Liv keeps huge secrets from Fitz
And this goes all the way back to Defiance. But Liv discovering Mellie's (Bellamy Young) secret — that Fitz's father had raped her — revealed a sweetness that we don't often see from Olivia Pope, Gladiator. It showed Liv's human side, armor off, that she kept her promise to Mellie and didn't tell Fitz — at least not at first. To be honest, it was not her place to tell him, but she probably should've been pushing a little harder for Mellie to tell him... It's kind of a big deal. But deep down, she knew Fitz couldn't handle the truth. Most of his relationships are built on lies, so a truth of that magnitude could bring him right back to showering-with-glasses-of-whiskey mode again.

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2. And then she sabotages
So when Liv finally chose to tell Fitz Mellie's secret, that was also the moment she was choosing to let Fitz go. "Mellie asked me not to tell you this, but… I think… that Jerry raped her." She knew full well that Fitz would see his wife in a new light with this information, and that's exactly what happened. He ran to Mellie, she realized he knew, and then he consoled her by kissing the top of her head. Twice. It was the most loving they've been with each other, well, ever, and it was all because of Olivia.

"I wouldn't want you if, knowing what you know, you left her now," she said to Fitz, as their love theme played over what turned out to be somewhat of a goodbye phone call. Even their "I love you" exchange and moment of phone silence felt final.

3. Liv really is the scandal
With all the lies, cover-ups, and ruined lives left in their wake, the only thing to come of Olivia's affair with Fitz was always scandal. The death of Fitz's son Jerry was the final nail in that coffin, with Olivia's parents both being somehow responsible. "He took my child. So I took his," Papa Pope (Joe Morton) explained, and once again it became clear that all the odds are stacked against these two. It's like the most twisted Romeo and Juliet ever, and we all know how that ended for the star-crossed lovers.

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That's the irony of the whole series: This is the woman hired to clean up everyone else's mess, and yet her own life is a complete disaster. When she finally saw the light, saw that she needed to leave to save everyone else around her, she said the four words we've all been waiting to hear her say: "I am the scandal!"

4. Fitz will never be the man Liv wants him to be
Verna, a plane full of people… Fitz kills. Period. And his allegiance isn't really to his country, as president, it's to maintaining the appearance of his allegiance to his country, no matter the cost. And it's to Olivia Pope. You think that's what she wanted when she turned every tide and broke all kinds of laws to get him elected? And to fight to get him re-elected? Nope. The Fitz she fell in love with is still in there, but seeing him pouring a glass of whiskey (yep, the whiskey is back!) and crumbling to the floor in the Oval Office, begging for Olivia Pope, is all the proof we need that he's hidden under the weight of everything around him. Fitz isn't strong enough for Liv, without her, and she'll only be weakened by being around him.

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5. Olivia's no saint herself
When rehashing the insane events running up to the election — from the bombing to the death of young Jerry Grant — Liv and her old pal Cyrus (Jeff Perry) commiserated as only high-powered hired hands can. "How did we get like this? When did we stop being people?," Liv asked. "Were we ever people?" Cyrus posed with more wisdom than any other line he's ever said. Were they? Really. It's a serious question. Olivia is our heroine, and viewers love her despite all her many imperfections, but does a person who is fine viewing major life-and-death events as blips on a larger scheming radar ever get to see life through a realistic prism? Guess we'll find out.

But it won't be in Vermont, with babies and jam and Mayor Fitzgerald Grant by her side. And, to us, that's a more exciting reality than any other direction "Scandal" Season 4 could imagine.

What do you think: Did we convince you that this show is ready for a new direction?