Fall TV Catch-Up Guide: 'Scandal'

When's It Back? Thursday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. on ABC

Where We Left Off: Maya’s bomb went off in the church, but luckily, it had been evacuated. Fitz was safe in the Oval Office, but VP Sally Langston used the opportunity to look good for the cameras. Believing the election lost, Fitz, Mellie, and their children held a press conference to concede, but Jerry started coughing up blood and died.

Fitz learned it was from a unique, locked-up strain of bacterial meningitis — and pinned the blame on Maya. Her former husband, Rowan, tracked her down and killed her, earning Fitz’s appreciation and his old job as Command of B613. Shaken by the turn of events, Olivia decided to leave town for good and took Jake with her.

Before departing, though, Jake gave David insider info to take down B613. Meanwhile, Huck reunited with his family, Harrison was killed by B613, and Maya Pope — not dead! — was put into The Hole.

What We Know About Season 4: Very, very little. Shonda Rhimes really keeps spoilers on lockdown. From ABC’s promo, we know Olivia is on a beach somewhere, but not how and why she (presumably) returns to D.C. From the premiere synopsis, we know that Mellie is still grieving her son, the Gladiators are feeling Olivia’s absence, and Fitz is trying to make the most of another four years in office.

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Kerry Washington tells Yahoo TV that the stakes are “very, very high,” while Bellamy Young revealed to Glamour that “everything is different” this season. And of course, there are a slew of guest stars: Sonya Walger (Lost), Portia de Rossi, and Josh Randall and Mary McCormack as a power couple.

Our Burning Question: Are Fitz and Olivia done for good? Olitz fans are probably screaming “Never!” But it’s hard to imagine how these two can bridge the huge gulf between them. In the finale, it looked like learning of Mellie’s rape by his own father might bring the First Couple closer together. Plus, their shared grief over Jerry’s death could bind them even tighter. As for Olivia, perhaps “standing in the sun” with Jake has changed her irrevocably.

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