'Parks and Recreation': All of Ron Swanson's Quotes About Meat in One Place

There is much to admire about Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson: his intense libertarianism, his willingness to try cornrows, his support of Leslie Knope, that time he gave a small child a land mine, and, of course, his double life as jazz musician Duke Silver. But above all, it's Ron's love of meat and hatred of non-animal-based foods that inspires greatness in others. As a testament to Ron and a goodbye to a show we know and love, we have collected all the images of Ron eating meat and everything he's said while eating it. Enjoy!

BONUS! More photos of Ron eating meat:

A version of this post originally appeared on alexleo.tumblr.com, as did a comprehensive list of Ron Swanson's hair styles and this creepy Ron Swanson birthday-theme thing.