'Revenge' Midseason Finale Preview: Emily's Big Day Goes Out With a Bang, but Who's Holding the Gun?

You're invited to the social event of the "Revenge" season on Sunday, and the lavish wedding of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson will not disappoint.

It has all the decadent and devilish details one has come to expect from a soapy ceremony: a couture gown, a beautiful setting, an elaborate cake made by an ex-lover/current mistress, a morose mother-in-law as well as other unexpected and unwelcome guests, stolen kisses, sappy speeches, and honeymoon high jinks that are un-fun for the whole family.

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The crumbling couple will make it official just in time for Emily to enact her plan to finally sink the Graysons once and for all aboard the family yacht. She planned to frame Victoria for her own murder with a gun bought on Charlotte's computer and a bracelet full of gunshot residue, thus leaving mommy dearest to roll over on all of Conrad's misdeeds and restoring the good name of her own dad, David Clarke. Her overboard body would never be found, as she intended to escape to happily ever after in the Maldives with Aiden. But as teased in the Season 3 opener and necessary for the show to go on, Emily's seafaring scheme for vindication doesn't go as planned. In fact, she ends up shot and in the drink

With so many haters — er, potential shooters — on board the SS Grayson, we wondered how the producers and writers settled on who would be left holding the smoking gun and why.

"We toyed with a lot of different options and seriously considered three, [because] we wanted to do the one that's the juiciest and that ultimately changes the show as much as possible," executive producer Sunil Nayar explained after giving a sneak peek of the episode to select members of the press earlier this week at the ABC offices in Burbank. "We teed up everybody we could think of as the shooter and saw which [created] the best surprise, had the best dramatic merit coming out of it, and [worked best with] the stories we want to try to tell. ... We wanted to almost paint ourselves into a corner where you'll think, how on earth are they going to get out of this? We've established so many realities that we can't deny are true now, but we found really elegant ways out of these problems that give us tons more story going into the back half of the season."

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Nayar fully acknowledged that the reveal of the mystery (attempted?) murderer is the biggest reason to tune in Sunday but quickly added that there are other draws, too. "Finding out the shooter is almost enough, but so many more secrets are revealed in the course of the episode. The two shots to the gut is not the only injury Emily suffers over the course of the 43 minutes."

Who you think is behind the shot heard round the Hamptons? Let us know in the comments below.

"Revenge" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.