Phil Robertson on Leaving 'Duck Dynasty': 'It'll Go on Without Me'

The warm and loving antics of the Robertson family are the main reason why A&E's "Duck Dynasty" has become such a big hit. But family patriarch Phil Robertson, envisions a day when the family breaks apart.

In an interview with Parade magazine, Phil reveals that there will come a day when he's not a part of the hit reality series. When asked how much longer he'll star on the show, Phil replied, "Not long. But I think it'll go on without me."

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Say it ain't so, Phil! We can't imagine "Duck Dynasty" without his long white beard.

If he does choose to bow out, though, fans will still have the rest of the camo-loving, sweet tea-sipping Robertsons, including a new addition in Season 4 — eldest son Alan, a minister who left his church to join the rest of his family at their Duck Commander business.

Starring together on the series has brought all of the Robertson much closer together, says Duck Commander CEO Willie. "It's probably the opposite of most reality shows," he noted. "And nobody gets a big head because we're doing it all together."

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Staying true to their roots, beliefs, and values is hugely important to all the family members. If A&E suggests a comedic situation, the Robertsons will only go along with it if they want to.

"One day when we were gonna play golf, a wardrobe person brought me a pair of knickers," Jase said. "I guess they thought that would be funny. But I don't wear knickers. They said, 'A&E wants you to.' I was like, 'I don't care!'"

Camo knickers? We would've liked to see that! Maybe in Season 4!

"Duck Dynasty" Season 4 premieres Aug. 14.