'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Gives Us a (Nude) History Lesson

Yes, Outlander has some very racy sex scenes (why do you think the books are bestsellers and the show is so hotly anticipated?), but there's the potential for a lot more nudity during the 16th century Scottish battle scenes, according to star Sam Heughan.

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Yahoo TV sat down with Heughan, who plays the time-traveling romance's brooding Scot Jamie Fraser, to find out what the proper etiquette is for his 1743 skirted attire (translation: What do they wear under those kilts?), and he gave us a history lesson about The Field of Shirts, which saw Scottish soldiers taking off their kilts and armor and going to battle bottomless.

"They all fought completely naked," Heughan teased, before adding, "We might be recreating that on the show. You never know!"

We dug up some more fascinating facts about the battle on iainthepict, a blog that catalogues historic days in Scottish history. The Battle of the Shirts, also known as the Battle of Kinlochlochy, took place on July 15, 1544, on what later became known as the "Field of the Shirts" in Scotland. Because it was the middle of a very hot summer, the two sides took off their armor, steel breastplates, helmets, and warm wool kilts and fought in just their shirts.

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If anyone could tackle that kind of half-nude havoc, it's Outlander (premieres Saturday, Aug. 9 on Starz). But our question about kilt etiquette — which we know is on all of our minds — might've been a massive faux pas, according to the show.

No spoilers, but in Episode 6, "The Garrison Commander," Brigadier General Lord Oliver Thomas (John Heffernan) jokes that if he stays in Scotland long enough he could "wear one of those women's skirts," before saying, "I'm told it's a grave insult to ask a clansman what he wears underneath that thing."

While the question of the kilt "will remain an enigma" on the show, according to Thomas, Heughan wasn't as secretive with us: "Less is more, really."

Outlander premieres Sataurday, Aug. 9 on Starz, but you can sample the premiere for free on Saturday, Aug. 2, even if you're not a Starz subscriber.