'Orange Is the New Black' on Ice: Crazy Eyes Skating Wins Olympics Mash-Up Gold

"Orange Is the New Black" fans will remember Crazy Eyes's amazing ice skating axels — and winning smile — when she auditioned for the prison Christmas pageant in the Season 1 finale, "Can't Fix Crazy." Star Uzo Aduba recently revealed that those moves were all her.

"I figure skated for, like, 10 years when I was a kid," Aduba told a crowd at Savannah College Art and Design's aTVfest. "I used that special skill when I auditioned for the pageant. It was really me figure skating. People have asked before ... 'Is that a stunt double doing those axels and jumps?' No, that was me. That was me doing it."

Since she's obviously got the skills and the Internet has Olympics fever, we thought we'd send Crazy Eyes to Sochi to see what her jumps would look like on ice. Enjoy!


"Orange Is the New Black" Season 2 will premiere Spring 2014 on Netflix.