'NCIS' Fans, Meet the New Hire: Ellie Bishop

The Internet has been uncharacteristically charitable regarding "NCIS's" introduction of Ellie Bishop, played by Emily Wickersham ("The Sopranos"). While there is, naturally, some reluctance to embrace somebody new:

And in some instances, a reluctance stretching back nearly 10 years:

For the most part, fans were sold on her. (Which is good, because she's already been signed as a series regular.)

Though it might take a couple episodes for some to come around:

And Tony isn't really helping things:

Abby's on board, though — both the character and actor Pauley Perrette, who retweeted this one:

Not that Abby's forgotten Ziva:

And the Bishop tweet of the night goes to:

The episode opens with a security breach during a presentation by the SECNAV to a room full of defense contractors. Somebody's snuck a bug onto the Secretary, which is a scenario eerily predicted by an NSA analyst: Ellie Bishop. Gibbs and DiNozzo track her down and bring her onto the investigation.

Her penchant for snacking and nesting on any open floor space aside, she turns out to be a fantastic resource, keeping the team on top of bad guy Rudolph Stalin (what, was the name Pol Pot Hitler already taken?), who eventually leads them back to the real culprit: a crooked defense contractor played by Alan Ruck.

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Of course, all of that is incidental; here are the real important takeaways from the episode. She wears a wedding ring, but isn't keen on talking about it. Married? Or a reminder of lost love? She can match DiNozzo quote for quote in showtunes. She's got a photographic memory, and there's the aforementioned "food association," which is likely to raise office productivity here by half at least. The "reclusive data freak" learns a valuable lesson about teamwork, and Gibbs recruits her into NCIS on a "joint duty assignment" with the NSA.

But will there be a Dishop? Or a BishNozzo? Or, as someone suggested:

"NCIS" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.