Miss Universe 2015: All the Insane Outfits [Photos]

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Although scientists agree that the world contains many women, only 88 of them mattered this week when it came to the 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant. Though the broadcast lasted three hours, it contained a total of about six minutes of actual entertainment value, and we all know what made up those six minutes: The truly insane costumes each woman wore, and, of course, the question-and-answer section at the end, which was somehow even more baffling than the costumes. If we're being real, the whole exercise felt like a woman-themed acid trip complete with occasional appearances by an actual demon (Donald Trump).

Hosted by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts and The Today Show's Natalie Morales, this year's Miss Universe pageant also featured a jacket-doffing musical performance by Nick Jonas, which was further evidence that he's now exclusively catering to his gay fanbase. But it all came down to the appointment of World's Best Woman: Miss Colombia! In recognition of Miss Colombia's ultimate victory over 87 of her instantly basic peers, click the image above or HERE to enjoy a gallery slideshow of all contestants' costumes.