'Supernatural' Spinoff Casts 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Skins' Actors: Get to Know the Hunky Duo

The potential spinoff of "Supernatural" just found its two male leads — and one of them is a familiar face to The CW viewers.

Nathaniel Buzolic and Lucien Laviscount will star in "Supernatural: Tribes," which will be introduced as a backdoor pilot in Episode 20 of "Supernatural" Season 9, airing Apirl 29.

Aussie Buzolic is already a fan favorite after playing original vampire Kol in "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals." The British Laviscount is a newcomer to American television, but has appeared on "Waterloo Road," "Shameless," and "Skins" across the pond.

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Laviscount is set to play Ennis Roth, the spinoff's main character. Ennis aspires to be a cop, like his father, but the death of a loved one introduces him to the world of monsters. After meeting Sam and Dean Winchester, Ennis embarks on his own monster-hunting journey in Chicago, which is run by five families of monsters (including werewolves and shapeshifters).

Buzolic's David Hayden is one of those shapeshifters, who'd been living as a human until tragedy brings him back into the world he left behind.

As Deadline notes, their pairing continues The CW's trend of hiring within the family and bringing in relative unknowns. Buzolic, 30, quickly became a favorite among fans as the sarcastic, devil-may-care Kol. The Australian actor isn't just a pretty face, though; he's also an ardent activist against human slavery and promoted the "End It" campaign on his Twitter. Buzolic is also open about his faith, as his tweet alluding to the casting announcement shows:

Meanwhile, Laviscount may be new to American audiences, but he's fairly well known in Britain. He was on "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2011, finishing fifth. During his time on the show, the actor was dubbed "Mumbles" by his fellow housemates and was part of the controversial "Bedgate," in which he slept in the same bed as Amy Childs (setting off a jealous Kerry Katona).

Laviscount is also a recording artist who released "Dance With You" in April 2012, but the single failed to chart.

The duo's casting has stoked anticipation among "Supernatural" fans to a fever pitch. Overall, fan reaction has been positive:

No word yet on who might play the other significant roles on "Supernatural: Tribes," like David Hayden's hard-charging, ambitious sister Margo; werewolf Violet Durant, who has a thing for David; and Ennis's mentor, world-weary cop Freddie Costa.

Hmm, let's see … who's been on CW's other shows lately? Calling Matt Davis!

"Supernatural" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.