Lindsay Lohan Is a Baller, Scoring Role on ‘Eastbound & Down’

Lindsay Lohan is on a hot streak!

Fresh out of rehab, the 27-year-old, who is better known for her off-camera antics (and mug shot collection!) than her acting work, has landed yet another gig. Yahoo! TV can confirm that she will be appearing on the HBO series "Eastbound & Down."

"Yes, she'll be appearing on the show," says a rep for the cable network. "Can't give any more [details]."

It was Lohan herself who started the buzz about her new project, Instagraming a selfie Tuesday in which she was striking a rather dramatic pose for her Karl Lagerfeld-covered iPhone. It was a seemingly innocuous post until you read the caption: "#back@work! So grateful today! :)."

On Wednesday, she posted a photo of the beach, which we now know must be along the shores of Wilmington, North Carolina, where the baseball series, which stars Danny McBride and is produced by Will Ferrell, is shooting its fourth and final season. McBride plays Kenny Powers, a pro baseball pitcher turned gym teacher.

E! News reports Lohan had been cast as the daughter of one of the main characters. Her scenes so far have included a wedding — and she was the one tying the knot.

Dare we say things have been going well for Lohan since she was released from her sixth stint in rehab earlier this month? (This one was a court-mandated 90-day stay.) Since she's been out, she successfully served as guest-host of "Chelsea Lately" and inked a deal with Oprah Winfrey for her first post-rehab interview followed by an 8-episode docuseries about rebuilding her career. And she even has Ben Affleck in her corner!

Here's hoping LiLo can keep this positive momentum going. We prefer these types of photos to the mug shots.

Lohan will appear on "Oprah's Next Chapter" Sunday, August 18 at 9 PM on OWN. The final season of "Eastbound & Down" premieres Sunday, September 29 on HBO.