Jerry Seinfeld's Blunt Take on Diversity in Comedy: 'Who Cares?'

According to Jerry Seinfeld, comedy and political correctness don't mix.

The "Seinfeld" star had some surprisingly blunt things to say about the perceived lack of diversity on his shows in a chat with BuzzFeed and CBS News.

In the clip above, the host brings up the fact that most of the guests Seinfeld has had on his Web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," have been white males. Seinfeld is clearly uncomfortable with the line of questioning, muttering, "Oh, this really pisses me off."

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He continues, "People think it's the census or something? Does this [have to] represent the actual pie chart of America? Who cares? Funny is the world I live in. If you're funny, I'm interested. If you're not funny, I'm not interested. And I have no interest in race or gender or anything like that."

Seinfeld then takes a shot at "everyone else [who] is calculating, 'Is this the exact right mix?' To me, it's anti-comedy. It's more about P.C. nonsense than 'Are you making us laugh or not?'"

Watch Seinfeld talk about a possible "Seinfeld" reunion (and why Jerry hates Newman) right here:

These accusations are nothing new to Seinfeld. Back in the '90s, his NBC hit, "Seinfeld," was criticized for focusing almost exclusively on white characters, even though they lived in the racial melting pot of New York City. NBC had to apologize when Puerto Ricans complained about a 1998 episode set at the city's Puerto Rican Day Parade. (Not to mention Michael Richards's infamous N-word tirade in 2006.)

For those who aren't familiar with Seinfeld's new venture, "Comedians in Cars" features him sitting down and talking comedy with stars like David Letterman and Ricky Gervais over a cup of coffee. The in-depth interviews reveal some surprising truths, and it's a great education in the history of comedy.

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It's true that most of the "Comedians" Jerry has talked to so far are white males. But of the 24 people he's interviewed, four don't fit into that category: Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, and stand-up comic (and Jerry's longtime friend) Mario Joyner. That makes 16.6 percent of the show's guests non-white males — for those of you who are "calculating."

Click through the gallery below to see all the guests Seinfeld has had on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" so far: