Jerry O'Connell Watched (and Tweeted) 'Sharknado'

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Monday night, Jerry O'Connell will appear on the TNT show "King & Maxwell," starring his wife, Rebecca Romijn. And Monday, we will share with you all that Jerry had to say about that. (Preview: He liked his job — a lot.)

Today, however, is a new and spontaneous national holiday called "The Day After Sharknado." So without further ado, here is O'Connell's take on Syfy's tornado full of sharks that blew up Twitter, as well as our minds, but fortunately spared Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.

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So are you tired from the Sharknado that hit last night? And your brother's [Charlie O'Connell's] movie "2-Headed Shark Attack" came on right after!

I know, it's so funny. I couldn't believe how Twitter was just blowing up with that "Sharknado." I wonder if Leo [DiCaprio] will host the benefit for all the "Sharknado" victims. When I was in the middle of reading all the "Sharknado" tweets, CNN has breaking news that, oh, there's a new telescope and you can see the color of the planets in our solar system and I quoted that and said, "No one cares. There are sharks in tornadoes."

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And only Ian Ziering can save us.

It was pretty amazing. I read an awesome article about the guys doing all those movies and they're awesome. One of the guys used to work in a video store and they'd see all these B movies and that's how he got into it. It's riveting. It was like the future of B movies.

See why everyone's buzzing about the Syfy instant classic "Sharknado":

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Did you know about it before yesterday?

I think social media played a big role in this. You see everyone tweeting about that and then everyone tunes in.

And had you ever seen your brother's movie?

To be honest, I didn't even realize that they were the same people making those movies. Ironically, my brother is on a commercial fishing boat in Montauk Long Island right now. This aqua sort of theme is prevalent in our family.

Watch a trailer for "2-Headed Shark Attack":

You had your "Piranha"!

When all the "Sharkando" stuff happened last night I was thinking about "Piranha." What a fun shoot. I'm still really good friends with Adam Scott and Paul Scheer. It was a blast.

See Jerry in "Piranha 3D": 

You were in "Obsessed" with Beyoncé, another great scary movie.

She's adorable. I'm trying to think if she was with Jay-Z at the time. I think she was, but nobody was admitting it. I did not meet Jay-Z on set. But she's a doll. She looks good on film, but she's even more striking in person.

Watch the "Obsessed" trailer: 

Too bad the blond enemy is dead and there can't be a sequel.

Well, I mean maybe we can talk to the people, that character gets into trouble again. But I'm fully expecting a "Sharkando 2."

Got to tweet that. Speaking of which, you have been around a long time. What's the biggest change in Hollywood?

I would have to say that Twitter really changes everything. It changes viewing habits. You see what's trending. I went on an audition for something and one of the questions they asked me was how many Twitter followers do I have. And I was like, "Uh, none." And they were like, "Why?" And I was like, "I'm not on Twitter." I walked back to the car and was like, "I got to get on Twitter."

Which he did, and you can find him at @MrJerryOC.

Check out "Sharknado" photos: