It's a Marge-Inspired Makeover With MAC's 'Simpsons' Makeup Collection


The Simpsons matriarch Marge Simpson is known for her bold and "exotic" look, and now she's a bonafide style icon. Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the iconic Fox animated series, MAC Cosmetics has unveiled a new Simpsons-themed makeup line, and it's as colorful as the character it's inspired by.

Yahoo TV talked to MAC senior makeup artist John Stapleton at San Diego Comic-Con, and he gave us the scoop on the new Marge Simpson-inspired color palette. And Yahoo's TV in No Time host Traci Stumpf even got a mega-Marge makeover!

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Stumpf loved the rainbow of colors used for her makeover (we're talking greens, blues, and oranges!), and she dished on the bright-orange lipstick and light-rose blush. But it was the eyes that really gave her the Marge look. (OK, that and a pile of blue hair.)

"We went from light to dark on the eyes — lots of bright colors," she said. "He applied the eyelash on backwards to give a 'spike' look."

Stapleton revealed that Marge Simpson's "feathery lashes" inspired the MAC collection. "There's a pair of lashes in the lineup, as well as some really great wearable colors that will suit any skin tone, not just those in the Pantone yellow family," he joked.

Indeed, to bring out your inner Marge, Stapleton advised that it's really all about the lashes: "Just add a pair to your normal routine and bat your lashes, and you can rule the world like Marge does!" he said.

Of course, half the fun of this new makeup line is navigating the creative color names. This collection includes a "

Nacho Cheese Explosion" Lipglass, and a dark-violet eye shadow palette shade called "Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag."

Considering Marge Simpson has turned up in everything from Vogue to "Project Runway," it's no surprise that Stapleton describes her as a fashionista we can all relate to.

"I think we all think of our mothers as fashion icons in some way," he said. "We may all have a favorite portrait or snapshot of mom or grandma when she was wearing something en vogue from her heyday. Marge is that familiar woman. She's taking care of business and looking good while doing it."

And now that the renowned makeup artist has had a taste of cartoon-inspired cosmetics, he has his eye on a few more icons.

"I myself am a huge Marvel fan," Stapleton said. "I'd love to do the ladies of "X-Men." I'm picturing a Storm eye shadow quad of greys and moody violets. Maybe a red-hot lipstick called "Phoenix." A sparkly white nail polish for Emma Frost? Maybe a Wolverine shaving cream for the boys?"

Wow! Can he have it ready by next year's Comic-Con? Because we'll be there.

Additional reporting by Chrissy Le Nguyen.