It's a 'Seinfeld' Reunion! Watch Jerry and George Bicker Over Super Bowl Etiquette [Video]

So it was a Super Bowl commercial after all! (Sort of.) Not that there's anything wrong with that.

After lots of hype (and misdirection), the top-secret Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander reunion project turned out to be... a special edition of Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," with the former co-stars sharing a diner booth as "Seinfeld's" Jerry and George.

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A teaser for the episode debuted during Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show, but you can watch the full episode below — and for "Seinfeld" junkies, this reunion is real, and it's spectacular.

It's been 16 years since "Seinfeld" went off the air (God, that's depressing), and though they do look a bit older than they did in the '90s (but don't we all!), Seinfeld and Alexander slip right back into their familiar roles.

On their way to get coffee, the old pals engage in typical Jerry-and-George banter about the merits of sprinkling cinnamon on tuna. They end up in a booth at Tom's Restaurant (the TV stand-in for "Seinfeld" hangout Monk's Cafe) and bicker over Super Bowl etiquette: Jerry reluctantly invited George over to watch the game, only to reveal he was invited to a much better party at the Wassersteins'.

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But George wasn't invited, Jerry says, for the cardinal sin of "over-cheering" at a previous Super Bowl: "You pushed his wife against the wall on the Manningham catch! She almost broke her collarbone!"

George gives Jerry permission to watch the rest of the Super Bowl at the Wassersteins', and Jerry is about to take him up on it when... hello, Newman. Yes, Jerry's old nemesis (played by Wayne Knight) makes an unwelcome appearance, and he's going to the Wassersteins', too! Well, there goes that idea.

All in all, a satisfying cup of coffee with some of our favorite TV pals ever. And if this is Jerry's way of testing the waters for a possible "Seinfeld" movie, we just have to say: Giddy-up!