The Cutest, Trippiest Lego Cartoon Ever: Meet the 'Mixels'

After the success of joint ventures like "Lego Ninjago" and "Lego Star Wars," Cartoon Network and Lego are building a new series from the ground up. One adorable, animated brick at a time.

Say hello to "Mixels," which launches Feb. 12 with new animated shorts airing during "Teen Titans Go!"

What are Mixels? Well, Cartoon Network was looking to do something with the open-endedness of Lego toys and Lego was looking to do something with small critters. The result were tribes of elemental characters — the Infernites, the Cragsters, and the Electroids — that can "mix, max, or murp" together to produce unexpected results (it's way less dirty than it sounds). Think "Pokémon" crossed with "Voltron" or maybe the Cartoon Network version of "The Island of Dr. Moreau." Anyhow, it's all kinds of cute. And endearingly weird.

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For example, in this exclusive clip of the very first installment, Seismo and Zorch combine to get to a coconapple just out of reach. Naturally, they take the long way around.

"Mixels" will combine animated content online and airing on Cartoon Network, a mobile game, and collectible mini-sets of the characters (priced at around $5 or $6), though, sadly, no breakfast cereal tie-ins. Why doesn't anybody do cereal tie-ins anymore?

Below are first looks at three of the characters, including the toy counterpart of Zorch from the clip.