Hulu's 'The Hotwives of Orlando' Premieres July 15: First Look and Scoop From Producer Paul Scheer

Hulu's "The Hotwives of Orlando" finally has a premiere date: On Tuesday, July 15, all seven episodes of the star-studded "Real Housewives" parody show will be available to Hulu Plus subscribers and a new episode will premiere each week on Hulu Classic.

Yahoo TV has an exclusive first look at one of the show's new trailers, showing Tawny (Casey Wilson) sparring with her fellow "Hotwives." Take a look:

We also caught up with producer Paul Scheer, who, in addition to being on "The League," "NTSF:SD:SUV::," and a million other TV shows, is also a "Real Housewives" superfan. "I like Beverly Hills, and I'm a big Atlanta fan," Scheer admitted, blaming/thanking his wife June Diane Raphael for introducing him to the parody-perfect Bravo franchise.

On top of his producer duties on "Hotwives," he's also playing the Andy Cohen-like ringmaster of crazy, hosting an aftershow we'll never see (sadly) and regulating the reunion special which will be the season's final episode. Keep reading for more scoop, including a tease about the New Kids on the Block alum who's "so f---ing funny" on the show.

This cast is packed with so many of my favorite funny people.
The cast is amazing. It's a cast that I don't feel like we would get if we were to do this on any other platform besides Hulu. Kristen Schaal, Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey, Andrea Savage, Tymberlee Hill, and Danielle Schneider. Plus Joey McIntyre, Stephen Tobolowsky, Weird Al Yankovic, Matt Besser, Jerry Minor… everyone in this cast is so good.

Orlando is just so glamorous. Was production all champagne and caviar and massages?
We shot 130 pages in seven days. It's crazy. I don't think Stephen Tobolowsky and Joey McIntyre knew what they were getting into… "We're gonna knock out 25 pages today!" Everyone shared a trailer, it was very much guerilla filmmaking, and it was like summer camp hanging out in these mansions. Everyone really stepped up to it. Most shows take a week to shoot a half-hour, and we were doing a half-hour every day.

All the ladies feel very familiar, in awesome and terrifying ways — are all the guys playing their husbands?
Weird Al is actually playing a motivational speaker. [Laughs.] But Matt Besser, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jerry Minor, and Seth Morris, they're all husbands, and Joey McIntyre plays a trainer, but he's like an honorary husband. Joey McIntyre… I can't wait for you to see him in this. He's so f---ing funny. And I don't think he knows what he shot — I don't think he knows that this is gonna be a thing that people will see. He was so funny and so game for anything. You can't do this without people who are willing to just jump in. I'm just so excited about it.

How did this "Housewives" obsession and this idea for the parody show come about?
I was really introduced to the "Housewives" by June. My wife is such a big fan that she actually did a show with Danielle Schneider, one of the writers of "Hotwives," where they did a live reading of the show on stage — verbatim, acted out in black turtlenecks — and it was so funny. And we also got to be in the first audience ever for Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live." My friend was a writer there… it was an episode with Joan Rivers, and we were laughing so much that Andy was like, "I want an audience every night." It is the most fun ever… We saw this as a ripe area for parody, because it's so good. I approached my friends Danielle Schneider and Dannah Feinglass, who are equally as obsessed, and they wrote this amazing script.

And now you're the Andy Cohen of the "Hotwives"!
Yes, I am the Matty Green character. I make an appearance at the end of every episode plugging my show, "The Hotwives Cooldown," which you'll never see, and then there's a reunion special as our last episode.

So be honest: Phe Phe is totally a mashup of NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks, right?
Well it's a little bit of both, yeah. The show has everything you want, and elements from every "Housewives" cast... you're going to recognize a lot of stuff, but it's not necessarily a direct parody. It's kind of more like "Burning Love" — there are elements of things you will recognize, but they're all their own characters. But yes, there's some Phaedra and some NeNe in Phe Phe.

"The Hotwives of Orlando" premieres July 15 on Hulu. All episodes will be available that day on Hulu Plus, and one episode will premiere each week on Hulu Classic.